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Wild At Heart

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Wild At Heart

We see Willow walking down Sunnydale's main drag, crying and wiping her nose on her sleeve. She bumps into a few passersby and then walks right out into oncoming traffic. Buffy spots her and shouts, "Willow!" but she's too far away. We see someone else grab Willow out of the street just as a car speeds past. Buffy comes running up and thanks the lank-haired Riley, who has saved Willow. Riley asks Willow if she's okay and Buffy strokes Willow's face as she asks her what's wrong. Willow, with her arms clutched tightly around her torso, just shakes her head. Riley suggests that Buffy should take Willow home and that whatever's wrong, "it's not worth hurting yourself over." Buffy and Willow begin to leave and Riley looks constipated -- or concerned. One or the other.

Back at The World's Largest Dorm Room, Buffy rises from the bed where Willow is sitting and hugging a pillow. I guess we missed out on seeing the big cathartic scene where Willow broke down into hysterics and attempted to explain to Buffy what she had been through, but Willow is obviously suffering the after-effects of a scene like that, an exhausted, deadened calm that I know all too well. Buffy says she's going to find Veruca before the sun sets and that when she does, "This thing stops. She's bad news." She asks if Willow needs anything but Willow demurs. Buffy promises to return as soon as she's done with Veruca and tells Willow, "Riley was right. The main thing is to put the blame where it belongs. Don't hurt yourself." Willow looks tired and zoned as she replies, "Okay." Buffy turns to leave but turns back to say, "I love you." That's so freaking sweet. I love this show's portrayal of a loving female friendship. Sniff. Buffy leaves the room and Willow repeats, "Put the blame where it belongs," and then gets off the bed and opens a chest full of magic accouterments. The things Buffy and Will have in their dorm room! The naughtiest stuff I ever had was condoms and a sad little potted plant.

Oz is in his room, talking on the phone and trying to locate Veruca. He's wearing a green t-shirt with a picture of T. Rex (that's my best guess, and Ash concurs). The door to his room opens and Buffy enters. She gives him severe-face as she asks, "Where is she?" Oz responds that he's not sure but he knows the "areas we're drawn to. I'm pretty sure I can follow her scent." Buffy says they'll try that and starts to leave. With his eyes downcast, Oz begins, "Look, Buffy, you should know that --" but Buffy interrupts and says, "Oz, now might be a good time for your trademark stoicism." Oz looks like he's about to cry (in a manly way, of course) and follows her out the door.

Insistent Music Of Impending Action plays as we see Willow preparing a spell in a science lab. I'm not going to quote the spell, because it's a wicked one, all full of Satan and black forces and stuff, and I don't need anymore bad mojo in my life. Suffice it to say that it's not the nice type of Wicca spell Willow usually practices. "Let Oz and Veruca's deceitful hearts be broken," chants Willow and tosses something into a bowl, which causes flames to shoot up. We cut to Oz and Buffy running through the woods. Buffy is carrying a tranquilizer gun. Oz stops to smell the air and takes off running. Back at the science lab, Willow continues with her naughty spell. Beakers on the counter top begin to levitate. In the woods, Oz says he can smell Veruca close by, but he and Buffy only find a pile of clothes. Buffy suggests that Veruca wanted to throw Oz off the scent, and Oz gasps, "Willow!" and begins to run in another direction. Buffy follows him but runs directly into one of the masked commando guys, who is also carrying a gun. In the lab, Willow is saying, "Let this image seal his fate," as she prepares to throw a picture of Oz into the burning bowl. "Not to love, only hate," she forces out bitterly, but her face softens as she stares at the picture. She can't follow through with the spell and drops the picture of Oz onto the countertop. At that moment, the levitating beakers drop and break, and the fire goes out. I can relate to the blind rage Willow was feeling, but I'm really glad she didn't go through with her hex. "Wow," says Veruca as she enters the lab and locks the door, "for a minute there, I thought you might actually play rough." She gives Willow that head-hunched-down, eyes-rolled-up look that is supposed to be vampy or something but just makes her look like she's suffering gastrointestinal distress. Veruca approaches Willow, talking about having to kill to keep what's yours, and then notes that the sun is almost down.

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