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Wild At Heart

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Wild At Heart

Oz is sitting on his bed perusing the paper to see if he and Veruca killed anyone important last night. I think it's a little early to be looking in the paper, Oz. Willow walks in wearing a low-cut purple blouse, and I guess she's been rummaging around in the stuff Faith left behind because she's also wearing green leather pants. They comment on each other's new looks and Oz explains that "laundry day came and went." Willow hugs Oz and says that she has come to apologize for acting oddly. Oz feigns ignorance to hide his guilt. Willow informs Oz that she's been thinking too much and asks him to help her stop (wink, wink). She kisses him and starts to remove his shirt but he seems reluctant. Oz, presumably to hide his scratches and avoid questioning, declines friskiness because he was up all night and he's tired. I'm sure a lot of the guys (and probably some of the girls) in the viewing audience think that turning down a leather-clad Willow is a big mistake. Willow gets flustered and upset at the sexual rejection and says that she has to go. It sucks when your boyfriend rejects you sexually because he's been sleeping with other women. Ahem, not that I know personally or anything. Oz tries to persuade Willow to stay but she says that she doesn't have much time. What are you saying, Willow? You knew how much time you had when you came over. Is that some sort of slam on Oz's staying power?

Cut to Giles, who is reading, watching TV, and calling the contestant on Jeopardy a moron. Heh. After listening to the question, I have to agree. I guess Giles does watch more than just PBS. Buffy knocks and Giles answers the door. Hey, Buffy, do you love your dress? I really love it. Did you get it at Ross? Giles hopes that Buffy is here on business, and she snaps, "Lucky for you, people may be in danger." Buffy explains the dual werewolf situation and says that she's going to speak to Oz next. Giles reminds her to report back to him. Poor Giles. Maybe he can become a Jeopardy contestant. That would give him something to do for a while.

Cut to Willow descending Xander's stairs. Xander, making his cameo appearance this episode, is involved in a "landlord and tenant dispute" with his mother, who won't let him put a lock on the door. Xander says, "So I know why I'm sitting in a dank sunless little room," but questions why Willow is there. Willow says that she has come to talk to Xander about her problems with Oz because she needs a translator "from the Y [chromosome] side of things." Willow wants to know what would cause Oz to turn her down. Xander reassures her that she probably just caught Oz in one of the "annual seven minutes" when he is legitimately preoccupied with other things. Xander suggests that she should talk to Oz, but Willow doesn't want Oz to think she is jealous and worried. Xander points out that she is, in fact, jealous and worried and Oz is probably picking up on her tension. Wow, Xander just gave the best advice out of anyone this episode. Who would've thunk it?

In the crypt, Oz is welding new hinges onto the door of his cage. Buffy enters, eyes the cage speculatively, and says, "Got out, huh?" Oz nods and asks if she's heard of any attacks, and she says no, but she does tell him about Dr. Walsh being chased by two wild dogs. "Two? Really?" queries Oz, and Buffy asks him if he remembers that incident, or another wolf. He replies that when the change comes he's totally blacked out. "Well, if I find werewolf number two out on patrol tonight, you might have a roomie in there," says Buffy, and she turns to leave while Oz looks pensive and sad. Buffy turns back and asks him if he's okay, because he "seem[s] more monosyllabic than usual." Oz reassures her that he's fine and stares after her as she leaves the crypt. On the Oz t-shirt watch, this one is yellow and appears to have a wild beast graphic.

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