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Willow needs to spank her inner moppet

As Willow positions herself in the road, we see a large bus heading for her. The driver struggles with the steering wheel, and then the bus screeches to a halt right in front of Willow. We see that Warren is one of the passengers on the bus. Willow turns, very business-like, and marches to the door. It opens for her, and she commands, "Get out." Warren stands and exits the bus. He stands in front of Willow and only has the chance to say, "Please…" before she grabs his neck with her hand. She squeezes hard, and one of Warren's eyeballs pops out! But so do a few wires, which sizzle, so we realize that Willow has been chasing the Warren-bot the whole time. Careful reflection (oh, okay, I read it on the boards) leads me to believe that Rack somehow imbued the Warren-bot with Warren's essence so that Willow would chase it instead of the real thing. And I really don't want to think about what that process might have entailed.

Buffy and Xander are free of the force field and run to Willow's side. Willow's a leetle pissed that she was tricked, and she starts to stomp off towards the car, saying she's going to find Warren "another way." "And then what?" asks Buffy and Willow has the sensible reply, "And then we'll kill him." What did Buffy think Willow was just trying to do, what with the neck squeezing and all? Buffy grabs Willow's arm and spins her around, telling her to calm down. She says she's also angry about what Warren did, and Willow interrupts, "He shot Tara." Buffy and Xander stare at her like they don't, can't, understand. "I guess the last shot was the charm," drones Willow, and Xander asks, like he's talking about a fish he just caught, "She's dead?" I usually don't have any complaints about Nick Brendan's acting, but I really, really wish the director had insisted on re-shooting this scene until Nick could come up with "shocked and grief-stricken" rather than "lightly curious." Willow confirms that Tara is dead. "Now [Warren's] dead too," she concludes. I would much rather have seen Fury Willow than Cold Zombie Willow, but I do admire how much Aly Hannigan is able to modulate her voice. Her Dark Willow voice is much deeper and huskier than her normal Willow voice. Buffy's face falls, and it seems like her eyes fill with tears. Xander asked why Willow didn't mention it lo these many scenes ago, and Willow snarls, "I'm busy." She turns to go, but Buffy stops her again. "We love you. And Tara. But we don't kill humans, it's not the way." Oh, good call, Buffy. Willow really needs a sanctimonious lecture right now; that'll knock the black magic out of her for sure. Willow isn't really understanding or interested in this whole "not killing humans" thing. Buffy doesn't want her to kill Warren, since that will mean destroying herself too, and Xander warns, "You said it yourself, Will. The magic's too strong -- there's no coming back from it." "I'm not coming back," explains Willow helpfully (and a tiny bit sadly). But then she's back to coldness; she knocks Buffy and Xander down with magic as they beg her not to go. She strides off down the road, and when Buffy and Xander sit up, Willow is gone.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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