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Two Too Many

Previously on Buffy -- the entire season. Missed it? Go read the recaps. Two minutes of previouslys. Know what that spells, kids? That's right! F-I-L-L-E-R!

Everyone runs through the woods, as what passes for "dramatic" music these days swells in the background. Xander stops, because he's going to ralph. Again. Huh. Right. I'm supposed to be feeling something here. Something like shock and revulsion. Pretty much the opposite of the slightly disinterested and kinda sleepy I am feeling. Anya and Buffy exposition that Willow is probably on her way to the county jail to take care of Jonathan and Andrew right now. Xander doesn't think that Willow will actually go after them. "Willow's got an addictive personality," explains Buffy. At first I thought that she had said "different" instead of "addictive," which made me think that it was the first in a series of mentions of how Willow is "not really Willow." Clearly the writers were letting us know up front that they have no plans to deal with the consequences of Willow's actions. But a reader more sharp-eared than I am pointed out that the word in question was actually "addictive," which makes me feel so much better, because instead they're only completely and arbitrarily rewriting history. Willow has been many things in the past. Thinks that her brains allow her to bend the rules? Absolutely. Prone to misuse her power to satisfy her own desires? Certainly. Passive-aggressive? Sure. But saddled with an addictive personality? Not since, oh, RIGHT NOW.

Buffy worries that Willow might already be at the jail. Anya explains that Willow can only "go airborne. It's a thing. More flashy. Impresses the locals, but it does take longer." Than teleporting, that is, which Anya demonstrates as she pops herself over to the jail. Buffy and Xander continue to their car as Buffy worries that Anya won't be able to handle Willow. Xander: "Well. She should be coming out of it at some point, shouldn't she? I mean, back there she was out of her head. Running on grief and magicks." Get it? It wasn't Willow, because she was "out of her head." It was "grief and magicks." Whatever. Buffy says that it doesn't matter what it was, "killing people changes you." And she should know. They come upon the clearing where Xander's car is parked. The hood is dented and won't close, steam pours out from under it, and the windshield is smashed. Heh. Willow couldn't just, y'know, teleport the sparkplugs out? She had to smash it up real good first? Maybe this whole "Willow is addicted to magick" crap is really about expressing her latent hatred of Xander and Buffy. I could get behind that. Buffy tells Xander to meet her at the jail, and quickly runs off, leaving Xander to walk back into town. Xander's a little peeved at being left behind and feeling useless, so he smashes his fist against his busted car. "Glad I could help," he snarks.

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