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Scenes from a passport office

At the caves, it's Buffy's turn to reassure Dawn that she isn't to blame for the situation. Dawn asks after Willow, and Buffy tells her that she was out for revenge, but through the powerful and affecting words of Buffy Summers, Willow saw the error of her ways. Because if you remember incorrectly, Willow has never tried to solve her problems with magic when she's in pain. Spike brings up essentially the same point. Buffy reasons that it would be "like suicide." Spike sort of shrugs and says that if he really cared about someone, the futility of the mission wouldn't stop him. Uh huh. I see a tragic end in Spike's future. Buffy sits there like a stump, stupefied. "Buffy, if someone had done that to me," begins Dawn, and Buffy, with an "oh shit" look on her face, is up and out the door before Dawn can finish her sentence.

"Shatter!" commands Willow, and shards of glass from a nearby mirror fly towards Glory and cut through her. "Is that it? Is that the best you can do?" demands Glory, but it's not really clear if she's talking to Willow or the special-effects crew. Glory backhands Willow, sending her flying, and Willow counters with a flurry of daggers. Glory easily knocks them out of the air while Will gears up another spell. Glory throws a table at Willow, knocking her to the floor, but she manages to conjure a snake, which wraps itself around Glory's leg. Glory quickly shakes it off, and it disappears in a puff of smoke. She strides over and grabs Willow's chin in her hands, saying, "This is getting weak. And so are you, honey." In response, Willow hawks an impressive loogie at Glory's face. Behold the power of spit! Glory grabs Willow with one hand and a wicked-looking knife with the other, and is about to impale Willow when Buffy enters the apartment. She and Glory fight, and the only thing that makes this scene remotely worth watching is the amusement it brings to see the incredible expanding Buffy. Seriously. The stunt double is soooo obvious. Funhouse-mirror obvious. Buffy shoves a couch at Glory and goes to collect Willow. Oh, that's going to hold her. Even I with my non-godly powers could manage to extricate myself from the nefarious grasp of oversized furniture. Which Glory does. "Thicken," cants Willow in Glory's direction, and the screen goes all wavy to indicate that Glory is trapped at least long enough for Willow and Buffy to escape.

Establishing shot of UC Sunnydale. Willow, Buffy, Tara, and Dawn are taking a break from packing up Tara's room. Buffy passes out sandwiches. Tara is still crazy. Willow feeds her applesauce, and Dawn offers to help. Yes, I'm sure this is all supposed to be terribly touching, but I've got a million more things to do today and have no time for emotion. Exposition about Tara's condition -- she's heavily sedated, and crazy as junebug most times but completely normal at others. Tara weaves her head back and forth as acting shorthand for being a few words short of a full spell. Willow announces that she's going to take care of Tara from now on, because "she's [Willow's] girl." Buffy reaches out to stroke Dawn's tresses and expresses understanding. "I know you do," states Willow, thus bonding or something with Buffy, although taking care of your mentally disabled girlfriend is different enough from protecting your little sister to make the comparison a little ooky. Hey, I wonder if everyone's magical illusions of knowing Dawn would fall away if her head were shaved. Do not underestimate the power of good hair. Willow babbles something to Tara in such a schmaltzy voice that I'm not going to bother transcribing it, and kisses her on the forehead. Just then, Glory rips the side of the building off. Tara freaks out, and when Dawn reassures her, she points to Dawn, saying, "Look at that! The light! Such pure green energy." Glory flashes a toothy and frightening smile. Buffy looks worried.

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