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Scenes from a passport office

Dawn and Spike wander some of the many caves in Sunnydale. Spike is attempting to cheer Dawn up, calling her "Platelet," but she isn't having it. Spike still looks pretty damn pulverized with his raccoon mask of bruises. Dawn confides to Spike that she's worried that something might have happened to Tara, and if it has then it will be as much her fault as Spike's injuries. "I must be something so horrible to cause so much pain and evil," she trembles. Spike, who has been staring at her intensely all this time refutes her with a simple "rot." "Maybe I'm not evil, but I don't think I can be good," grouses Dawn. "Well," shrugs Spike, "I'm not good and I'm okay." More than okay-looking, but as for your other facets, Spike, it depends on who you ask.

At the hospital, a nurse wheels Tara out of the room and to the Psych ward. Willow attempts to follow her but is stopped by Xander. Buffy tells Willow that she should get some rest since there's "nothing [she] can do." Willow gets a determined look in her eye and says, "Yes there is," before rushing down the corridor. Buffy follows to talk some sense into her. She opines that it isn't the right time to confront Glory, and this sets Willow off as she accuses Buffy of waiting until "it's someone [she] love[s] as much as [Willow] loves Tara." "When we have a chance," counters Buffy. "We'll fight her. When we have a chance. You wouldn't last five minutes with her, Willow. She's a god." I know why Buffy wouldn't want to launch an attack on Glory at that exact moment, but what sort of "chance" is she waiting for? She won't have any more ammunition against Glory tomorrow than she has today. She's acting as if she ordered Defeating A Hell God In Five Easy Steps off the Internet and is just holding off until pesky UPS can deliver the package. Willow seems to take this to heart and softly says that she'll wait. She turns and walks out, brushing off Buffy's offer of sympathy in favor of spending time alone.

Der Zauber Kasten. Willow bursts in at a dead run, and I'm surprised Giles has any inventory left whatsoever the way he seemingly leaves his shop unlocked when unattended. Idiot. Willow lopes across the sales floor and up to the loft. She pulls all manner of books and potions off the shelves until she find the volume she needs, oh-so-conveniently labeled Darkest Magick. She breaks a lock off the cover of the book, and the pages begin to turn in an mysterious wind.

Glory is descending the staircase in her apartment, prattling on about how buzzed she is from sucking Tara's brain. She's interrupted by an impromptu sort of earthquake, and then Willow bursts through the door floating all Fairuza Balk in The Craft. Um. Y'know. It's not really an homage if you rip off a movie that sucks. In that case, it's just pathetic. Willow chants something at Glory, and her eyes turn into twin pools of jet black to indicate bad mojo. The spell binds Glory in place and Willow snarls, "I. Owe. You. Pain" before letting go with the lightning.

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