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Scenes from a passport office

At the Fair, not havin' such a good day is Tara. Glory blathers a bit and then squeezes Tara's hand so hard that you can hear the crunching noises. Ow. She warns Tara not to make a peep or she'll start killing indiscriminately. From Tara's POV we can see a couple of guys tossing around what I first thought was a Ghora egg but turned out to just be an albino football. Glory blathers some more, and I don't know which is worse for Tara -- having to listen to Borificus or the fact that Glory smushed her hand again, hard enough for huge rivulets of blood to trickle out between Tara's fingers. Glory claims that people are "worthless." "But Keys on the other hand are worth a very lot." Yeah. Grammar shrieks and hides in the corner. Glory takes a big lick of what she supposes is Key juice but in reality is…well, in reality it's fake blood, but it's supposed to be Tara's real blood. Glory makes a face and spits, because I guess you can tell a Key by how sweet the meat or something. Glory is offended that Tara "betrayed" her, but then offers to let Tara go if she tells Glory who the real Key is. If she doesn't? Well, then it's a one-way ticket to Sucksville. Tara looks honestly terrified at the prospect and sobs quite convincingly. Despite this torture, Tara doesn't break like a toothpick (as I would have), but gives Glory her resolute face. "Fine," purrs Glory, "Let's get crazy." She runs her fingers down Tara's face.

Willow rushes through the crowd and weaves her way through different groups of people. She catches sight of Glory and Tara on the bench and quickly starts a spell but has trouble remembering the incantation. She sees Glory with her hands in pre-brainsuck position when a long Chinese dragon cuts across her path, blocking her view. By the time it passes, Tara is alone on the bench, her face devoid of expression. Willow rushes to Tara and breathlessly asks if she's okay, but all Tara can do is mumble about being "dirty" and "bad." Willow folds Tara into her arms, sobbing about how sorry she is.

Hospital. The gang minus Buffy is gathered around Tara while Willow pleads with a doctor to be allowed to take Tara home; the doctor insists that Tara spend the night in the Psych ward for evaluation. "Is she your sister?" inquires the doctor. "She's my everything," replies Willow disconsolately. Exit doctor. "Words cannot express how much I hate this place," says Xander. Giles agrees, and Anya adds, "It's like communism." Hee! In rushes Buffy, and I guess she was on the phone getting all the utilities put in her name or something. Thank god they didn't show it. She hugs Willow and then Tara. Tara gives her a wide smile and mumbles something to establish that she's looney tunes. Xander looks pained, possibly because he finally realized that his new haircut exposes his double chin. Buffy apologizes for being late and then says, "Dawn's safe with Spike." I guess that everyone must still be in shock, because they just let that statement go. Not to mention that Buffy's definition of "safe" must be somewhat warped at this point, since Spike was in no way a match for Glory before she put him through the godly Cuisinart.

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