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A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

Previouslys. "You're fired." Giles is going to Disney World!

Or not. We open underground. A blue-faced demon with red eyes growls and looks around. A swirling white mist obscures its vision. The camera, in turn, shows Faith (thank God), Buffy, and Giles, standing stock-still in various niches along the wall. Willow appears from around a corner. She finishes an incantation, and blows out a large candle she's holding. The mist dissipates. Giles and Buffy grab the demon and pin it to the wall, but it's strong enough to throw Giles away without much leverage. However, Buffy manages to hold it long enough for Faith to stab it in the heart with a ginormous sword. The demon falls to the ground, dead. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Buffy's hair is crimped. At least there's a bright side to Xander being the focus of this episode -- I won't have to see as much of Buffy's awful 'do. Giles opines that the demon was the last in the nest. Buffy gives Willow props for her "clouding spell." Faith wonders what the demons were up to, but Giles says that a lot of his contacts have dried up since he was fired. Huh? I thought it was all research and Willy. He says that he had expected the nest to be vampires, and that these demons are new. He continues that he should never have allowed "Willow and, uh. And, uh..."

On cue, something shifts under some garbage. Xander climbs out and babbles butt-monkeyish things. He looks shaky enough that Buffy worriedly says that he could get hurt -- "or killed," Faith finishes. Buffy continues that instead of leaping into the fray, he could be "fray-adjacent." Xander says that he distracted the lead demon by allowing her to pummel him. Faith: "Yeah, that was real manly how you shrieked and all." Hee. But you'll be making a man out of him soon enough. Buffy changes the subject, asking if they should burn the demons' bodies. Willow: "I brought marshmallows!" They look at her. "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange." Ha! Although I don't consider that particularly callous or strange. In fact, I probably would have brought hot dogs and beer, too. Giles says that burning them won't be necessary; he just wants to find out if they can expect more of them. Buffy hopes not, as "they're way too fit." They start to file out. Giles echoes Buffy's advice that Xander should try to stay out of the thick of the battle. Xander, in a whiny voice: "But gee, Mr. White, if Clark and Lois get all the good stories I'll never be a good reporter!" Giles is perplexed, and Xander observes that Jimmy Olson jokes are lost on him. Me too -- wasn't he a photographer? I suppose he wanted to be a reporter. Still, I don't care. Shut up, Xander. Credits.

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