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The Yoko Factor (1)

Back in the living room, Giles has had enough and clomps upstairs to go pass out, pulling off his sweater on the way. Xander is still spouting about his fear of inadequacy, prompting Willow to ask him if the "umbilical cord" between him and Anya could reach all the way to boot camp. Xander stabs a finger in Willow's direction, accusing her and Buffy of loathing Anya (like that's news), as Giles's sweater comes sailing over the banister and lands on his head. Willow says that she's not the one being judgmental; it's really Buffy and Xander. Buffy retorts that if she were "any more open-minded about the choices [Willow and Xander] make, [her] whole brain would fall out." I could say the same about you. Okay, I'm sick of this fight. It's boring and hard to describe. The only good part left is when Xander, in the midst of his rant, stops short, shocked by Willow's declaration that Tara is her girlfriend, and we hear Giles, from upstairs, moan, "Bloody hell!" Basically, everyone's mad about the same stuff they were mad about in "Fear Itself," which was only the fourth episode of this season. Looks like the character development wagon got mired in the mud of Buffy/Riley sex and has just now managed to get free. Willow is sick of being seen as a sidekick, Xander is afraid that he's invisible to the gang now that he's not in college, and Buffy -- well, if you remember, Buffy was menaced by Dead Frat Jerk, who it seems symbolized an ineffective plot device, which is pretty much Adam in a nutshell. What I'm upset about is the way the writers established this discord way back when and then have shelved it until now, only to trot out when we know that everything will be resolved in the next two episodes anyway. They should have built up the tension steadily throughout the season, and then this fight would have made a lot more sense. Anyway. The only thing missing is for Buffy to get self-righteous, which she does, closing with, "I'm starting to understand why there's no ancient prophecy about a chosen one and her friends." With that she rides her high-horse off into the sunset.

FrankenFlash is standing in the middle of his cave not doing anything, maybe because his DSL connection is down. ["Or maybe he has an account with HostPro." -- Sars] He hears a noise, and we see someone standing just on the edge of the frame, supposedly to heighten tension, as if we all didn't know it was Riley. "I've been waiting for you," says FrankenFlash, "And now I'm here," replies Riley.

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