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The Yoko Factor (1)

At the home of the Slayer, the Witch, and their Wardrobe, Buffy dejectedly enters. She takes off her jacket (thank god) in front of the mirror and gingerly fingers the cut on her forehead. Outside, Angel knocks on the door, and when Buffy answers it she doesn't seem at all surprised to see him. He asks if he can come in, and Buffy replies, "I guess." Angel tells her that he needs an invitation. Huh? Wasn't it pretty much established that dorms were considered public places? What about Sunday's roving gang of vamps who stole all of Buffy's things? I don't recall them RSVPing. Anyway, Buffy invites Angel inside and they notice each other's bruises. Angel doesn't want to tell Buffy exactly how he was hurt, which is fine for Buffy, because she can't wait to turn the conversation back to herself: "Let me guess, you thought of something else really hurtful to say and you couldn't tell me on the phone because the funniest part is that look on my face." Angel interrupts her to say that he's a little short on time, and at that moment Riley bursts into the room with some sort of gun trained directly on Angel. How inept is the Initiative anyway? If they think that Riley would stick close to Buffy, shouldn't they have someone trail Buffy? Or at least hang around outside her dorm? This is the second time that Riley has come out of hiding to visit her; they could have captured him by now.

Anyway, Riley says that he "told [Angel] that [he wasn't] coming near her," and Buffy quickly puts two and two together. Angel says that beating Riley up was an accident (a wonderful happy accident, in my opinion) but Buffy reads him the riot act, saying, "Running your car into a tree is an accident. Running your fist into somebody's face is a plan," and demands an explanation. Riley says that Angel attacked four commandos, and he thinks Angel has turned evil again. Buffy tells Riley that Angel won't hurt anyone, and orders Angel to reassure Riley. "I might hurt you," says Angel to Riley. Riley pretty much invites him to do just that, and Angel turns his head towards Buffy and expresses his disbelief that this is the person Buffy has chosen to knock boots with. I gotta say, I'm with Angel on this one, and I'd like to tell him how lucky he is that he hasn't had to sit through it in excruciating detail like I have. Anyway, Riley has gotten his panties in a bunch at Angel's last remark and punches him. Angel punches him back, and then Buffy wades into the fray between then and, with one hand on each of their chests, pushes Riley and Angel across the room and into the desk and bed respectively. Remember when Buffy used to be a cool spunky chick who didn't take any crap? Me too. She threatens to put them both in the hospital at the next sign of "testosterone poisoning." "He started it," whines Angel from the bed, but Buffy stabs a finger in his direction to shut him up. Buffy approaches Riley and very gently tells him that she has to talk to Angel, implying that he should leave, and Riley petulantly crosses his arms and tells her that he's staying put. Buffy shoots Angel a look and walks out the door. Angel follows her, throwing a victorious smirk in Riley's direction. As the door closes, Riley pouts that he's "not moving a muscle." Heh -- Riley made me laugh! That's all of two times this entire season.

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