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The Yoko Factor (1)

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The Yoko Factor (1)

At the Initiative, Col. McFlabby is taking a tour of the hostile containment area. A random grunt is telling him that they've almost run out of space to house the captured hostiles. ["Hey, didn't we see this plot in Ghostbusters? -- Sars] The Colonel gives instructions to pack the hostiles in together and isn't concerned that they'll begin to tear each other apart. He enters a communication room where one grunt is taking a radio call from a patrol in great danger.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs for Riley, who is eating cold beans straight from the can when he picks up the distress call on his walkie-talkie. ["Did you know that the guy who invented the walkie-talkie also invented the garage door opener?" -- Sep] Because his sense of duty is so strong, Riley cannot ignore a cry for help from his compadres, and as he rushes out he grabs his vest. Or maybe it's just a convenient way for him to meet up with Angel. I'm not sure.

Cut to Riley running down a street in Sunnydale. He rounds the corner to see a commando sail through the air and thud against a brick wall. Riley raises his flashlight to reveal Angel. I'm clapping my hands in anticipation, but I have to wait through a commercial first.

"Riley Finn," croaks Angel. "Do I know you?" says Riley. "We have a friend in common," explains Angel. Riley assumes that, because of the commandos littered around the warehouse area, Angel has lost his soul, and he wonders aloud what could have caused it, obviously assuming that Angel and Buffy slept together in LA. I see that Riley has found his secret power: the ability to leap to illogical conclusions in a single bound. Angel takes a step forward and Riley extends his baton (and I really do mean his baton) to block his path. They macho-talk a little more, and then it's time for the fisticuffs. Riley gets in one good thwack with his baton (again, I really do mean his baton) before Angel takes the baton from him and hurls him into a pile of garbage. Riley jumps up onto a loading dock, and Angel long-jumps at least fifty feet to join him. Angel still has the upper hand (although Riley gets in few good kicks) until Riley takes out his cattle prod and shocks Angel on his chest. Angel falls backward off of the loading dock with Riley in pursuit. Angel, with his game face on, hoists Riley over his shoulders and runs him across the clearing, flipping him into a pile of barrels. He then picks up a still-dazed Riley and throws him into a pile of metal pipes, which get severely dented by the impact. Ow. I know that I'm pretty inured to violence by now, but just imagine getting thrown hard enough at something metal to dent it. Youch. Anyway, the two lovebirds are interrupted by the rumble of a Humvee. Angel takes to the rooftops, and Riley limps away between two buildings.

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