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The Yoko Factor (1)

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The Yoko Factor (1)

Buffy, wearing an orange coat that had an unfortunate mating with a Bedazzler, patrols in the woods. She's surprised by Forrest, and they make snarky banter but agree to avoid each other. Buffy starts to enter a cave and Forrest follows her, saying that's his assignment too. Buffy questions why he's patrolling alone, and Forrest gripes that the Initiative is short on manpower and that "the family" is being torn apart. They both enter the cave, with Forrest blaming Buffy for messing things up in his boys' club. Saying that Buffy has "such a big head on that skinny little body," he tells her she's not the first girlfriend Riley ever had, but she is the first who caused him to commit treason. Forrest is angry at Buffy for ruining Riley's future, but Buffy expresses her distaste for the kind of future Riley would have had with the Initiative. They're about to square off when Adam drones up behind them.

Commercial break. I race to the kitchen, grab a cola, and down it quickly, hoping the caffeine will take effect before the show returns.

Buffy and Adam fight, and when Forrest tries to jump in, Buffy pushes him down and tells him to get out of the cave. Adam extends his skewer (really, I mean his skewer), and Forrest shoots him with a blast of electricity. The electricity ripples over Adam but doesn't seem to harm him in any way. Buffy again shouts for Forrest to get out of the cave, but instead he charges Adam and gets skewered. Adam then throws Forrest's body onto Buffy, knocking her to the ground. She manages to get back up, but Adam hits her with a blast from Forrest's stun gun. She's thrown across the cave onto a rock, scrambles up and flees outside. She runs frantically through the woods, but stumbles and falls down a hillside, hitting her head on a rock at the bottom.

Spike jauntily enters the courtyard outside Giles's place. He stubs out his cigarette and pauses, working up a intense stare and an exhausted pant. He then bursts into Giles's place, saying he lost the (fictional) soldiers chasing him. Willow jumps up from in front of her computer and asks if he had any luck. Spike hands her a bunch of floppy disks, saying he took all he could find. Willow sits on front of her laptop as Tara leans over her. Tara is wearing a way-too-small shirt that gaps across her breasts over a tank top, and an ugly pleated skirt. Poor Amber Benson wouldn't get nearly as much shit about being "fat" if the Fashion Nazi didn't dress her in such dumpy, ill-fitting clothing. As Willow works at the computer, Giles, hunched over the counter in the kitchen, makes snarky comments to Spike and then has himself another drink. Spike wants to know when he'll get paid, and Giles tells him he will when "Willow tells me you've brought her something useful." Spike stares at Willow and Tara and seems to make careful note of the fact that Tara is caressing a little strand of Willow's hair. He then goes over to Giles and needles him for having to take direction from Willow in the deal. Willow gets a screen full of scrolling characters and says the discs are encrypted. Spike seems genuinely surprised, although I'm sure he knew he was bringing them dummy discs, and asks if Willow will be able to make any sense of the information. Willow replies that it's doubtful, and Spike grumbles that she's not a whiz anymore. Willow and Tara get defensive, and Spike says he's just referring to the fact that her friends had mentioned that she wasn't as interested in computers anymore. Willow takes the bait as Spike continues that he heard Willow was "into the new thing" with Tara, then pauses for beat and he clarifies that he's talking about the Wicca stuff. Willow is concerned and curious to hear what her friends said. Spike claims that they said it was "a phase" and that Xander said Willow was just being "trendy." Spike says that Buffy was defending her and that he doesn't understand, because if Willow wants to be a witch it's her business. Hee hee to the subtext, although of course since the last episode it's not necessary anymore. Willow is alarmed and says she knew Buffy was freaked out, and Tara suggests that Willow talk to Buffy. Spike tries to direct their attention back to the discs.

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