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The Yoko Factor (1)

The next morning, Buffy answers a knock on the dorm room door to find Riley. She cracks on the pants he's wearing, and Riley explains that Xander gave them to him and wonders if Xander secretly hates him in some way. Buffy seems distant and not too happy to see Riley, and he gets a little defensive. He says he's safe from the Initiative because he modified a radio to monitor their movements. Buffy fiddles with some stuff on her desk and tells Riley that she was upset by Angel; Riley, arms crossed, suspiciously asks what exactly upset her. Buffy doesn't really explain, saying it's not interesting. She then explains that she wants to get out and find Adam (all talk and no action, Buffy -- Adam's been roaming around boring the masses for months and months, while all you've done is mack with your Teutonic boy-toy), and Riley makes a few uncomfortable jokes about Xander's pants and then leaves. Buffy seems confused as to what just happened between her and Riley, although if she had any capacity for introspection she would realize that being cold and evasive to your new boyfriend after just racing off to help out your old boyfriend is not really the way to avoid a scene. Outside her door, Riley clenches his jaw. Which I'm sure doesn't come as a surprise to my readers.

Anya and Xander arrive at Spike's crypt to give him some Army duds. Spike looks over the stuff and is elated to find a gun amongst the stuff in the pile. He levels it and swings around towards Anya and Xander, but claps his hand to his head, shouting in pain, as soon as he points the gun directly at them. Spike is annoyed that the chip prevents him from even pointing a gun, and Xander adds to the humiliation by telling him it's a fake gun anyway. Xander is wearing a huge ugly sweater with a green and blue target on the front. As one of our forum participants noted, wearing a shirt with a target on it is not a very good idea in a town like Sunnydale. Spike starts talking about how well Xander will fare in boot camp, and when Xander demands to know how he got the idea that he's going to boot camp, Spike says he overheard Willow and Buffy laughing at Xander and saying he's going to join the Army. Xander starts to rant about his helpfulness to the Scooby gang, and when he asks Anya for help, she offers, "He's a Viking in the sack." Here's hoping that Anya is a sudden surprise victim of whatever big violence goes down in the season finale. Spike affects disinterest, Anya slurps her Big Gulp, and Xander continues to rant about how Buffy and Willow have excluded him from their activities since they began attending college. He names a few places he recently got fired from, and Anya says Willow and Buffy look down on him. Spike tells Xander to calm down.

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