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Previously on Buffy: Buffy rescues Riley from the Initiative; Adam recruits Spike to help him with his Big Plan (said plan being as yet unrevealed to the viewing audience, but sure to be excruciatingly dull, whatever it is); Willow chooses Tara and explains the romantic nature of the relationship to Buffy; Buffy tells Riley about dating Angel; Buffy smacks Angel, who smacks her back; Buffy attempts to twist the knife by telling Angel about her new boyfriend.

With a little martial drumroll, we see that Colonel McFlabby is speaking with a white-haired important looking gent over video phone. Col. McFlabby explains that the Initiative soldiers are doing a great job capturing HSTs, but are having morale problems, due to things like the death of Professor Walsh and the escape of Adam. Professor Walsh? Professor Walsh? Where have I heard that name before? Did she used to be on this show? I can't quite recall. Oh right, she was the instructor of the only class Buffy and Willow ever attended. Some academic-advisor type should tell those two that they're never going to finish in four years if they only take one class a semester. Back at Exposition HQ, Col. McFlabby continues to explain that they are running out of containment space for the captured HSTs. He also says he's just running the Initiative until the unidentified white-haired man decides what will become of it. White-Haired Gent makes mention of the "incident" with Riley Finn and says the government wants him back. McFlabby replies Finn will be found in the vicinity of "the girl," and White-Haired Gent says he doesn't have much information on Buffy. McFlabby assures him that "she's just a girl." Perhaps we should change his name and rank to Major Error?

Segue to Spike telling FrankenFlash, "She's a lot more than that." He assures Adam that Buffy is dangerous. Didn't they have this same damn conversation last week? And maybe even the week before? What's with the filler in the past few episodes? Adam drones that Buffy "makes things interesting," and I really don't think Adam is anywhere near qualified to even mention the word "interesting," but Spike, addressing Adam as "Mr. Bits," tells him he doesn't get it and insists that "Little Miss Tiny" is going to be right in the thick of Adam's melee when it goes down. Adam expresses no surprise and ruminates that he's counting on that. Meanwhile, I'm counting out my supply of No-Doz, as I can see this will be an Adam-intensive episode, and I'd like to be able to stay awake enough in order to write this recap and fulfill my contractual obligations.

Spike is still hanging in Adam's lair and reclines in an easy chair, lighting a ciggy. Why would Adam have an easy chair in his Secret Lair of Unstoppable Boredom? Does he like to kick back with a brewski and watch big-truck pulls after a long day of impaling? Adam and Spike are discussing the fact that Spike has in the past been responsible for killing two Slayers. Spike laughs that he "killed the hell out of them," and Adam accuses him of being afraid of Buffy. Spike chiffily insists that he's not afraid, but knows his enemies. Adam then asks why Spike hasn't eliminated Buffy yet, and Spike claims that, in the past, bad luck prevented him from killing Buffy, and now he's hampered by the plot device to keep him on the show as a regular -- uh, that is, the chip. Adam says he knows how Spike feels, and when Spike doubts that, Adam launches into a speech about Spike being a ferocious animal who can't "actualize the urges within." He continues that Spike knows "one truth," that he cannot be contained and will eventually "break free and savage the world again." When he concludes, "I will make you whole again," Spike stares at him and breathes heavily, looking like he's going to jump up and plant a big tongue kiss right on Adam's green lips. He gets control of himself and says he understands why the demons are following Adam, and that Adam's like a "scary Frankenstein-looking'" Tony Robbins. Damn, James Marsters was pouring on the chemistry in that scene. If he'd been playing opposite a female cast member, or, say, a large potted plant, my TV would have been scorched by the intensity. But sadly, up against the charisma suck that is Adam, Marsters's valiant efforts merely crackle gently and fizzle out. Adam promises to remove the chip from Spike's head after he has the Slayer where he wants her. Spike reminds him that Buffy and her friends can be tricky and that Adam should beware of the variable of the Slayerettes. Adam suggest removing Buffy from her friends, a plan which gives Spike great glee. When Adam inquires how Spike will get rid of the Scooby gang since he can't hurt them, Spike smugly replies that the gang will do the work for him. He smiles and takes luxuriant drag off his smoke.

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