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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

Library. Oz is working on a crossbow when Giles exclaims that he's found a reference to the pendant, saying it's a symbol of Anyanka. Oz: "I don't think I know her." At least some things never change. Giles explains that Anyanka is a "patron saint of scorned women." That's a little less severe than "vengeance demon." He tells them what Cordy said to him before she was killed. Larry: "Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?" Giles reluctantly nods. Larry: "I just want to be clear." They needed this guy on the show more often. Although, from what I've read, the actor's views on homosexuality make Kerr Smith's look progressive, so maybe I'll retract that statement. Giles says he needs to research Anyanka further with some volumes that he has at home. Oz: "Watch your back."

Giles drives home. He sees some vamps loading several people into a large truck. The words "Sunnydale Loves Recycling" are written on the side of the truck, which in the context of the factory is both clever and hilarious. Giles hastily grabs a large cross and stake and gets out. He fends off the vamps with the cross, and instructs the people to run, which they do. He turns to head back to his car, but a vamp hits him in the face with one of the truck doors, and he falls to the ground. Two vamps set upon him, but we hear another vamp combust off-screen. Yet another vamp goes flying into the picture, and the two holding Giles rush into the fray. A little more off-screen-fu, and it's just Giles. "Just Giles!" Who wouldn't go see that? He looks up. The camera pans up a sensible outfit of dark green cargo pants, a black jacket, and a gray tank top. Giles: "Buffy Summers?" We see Buffy, hair pulled back in a braid, with a mean-looking scar on her upper lip. "That's right. Want to tell me what I'm doing here?" She makes Faith look sunny and sweet, I tell you what.

The Faculty. Hee. Oh, come on, it's so bad it's funny.

Buffy waits impatiently as Giles researches. He discovers that to defeat Anyanka, one must destroy her power center, which will "reverse all the wishes she's granted, rendering her mortal and powerless again." I wish they'd written that passage differently, because there's no way all the wishes she granted could be reversed without drastic changes to the original Buffyverse -- it simply defies probability. Plus, I don't think Giles would have gone through with it if he thought it would reverse all the wishes; it would be too risky. Giles: "I'd say that my Watcher muscles haven't completely atrophied after all." He smiles. Aw. Buffy's less than impressed, pointing out that they don't know what her power center is. She suggests staking Anyanka: "You'd be surprised how many things that'll kill." Hmm. I had a sudden flash to Faith staking the Deputy Mayor in "Bad Girls." Giles says he's only interested in reversing the wish. Buffy says she's taking a lot on faith, and calls him "Jeeves." Wouldn't it be cool if that search engine were called "Ask Giles"? Well, I think it would be. She goes on: "World is what it is. We fight; we die. Wishing doesn't change that." First, props to Chyna for correcting me on that first line. Second, Buffy sure isn't whining about her calling in this reality, is she? Giles says that he believes what Cordelia told him, and that the Master sent "his most vicious disciples" to kill her. The mention of the Master gets Buffy's attention. Giles explains that he lives in an old club. Buffy is astonished. "You know where he lives and no one's ever tried to take him out?" Giles, icily: "People have tried." Buffy says she'll take care of him. Giles tries to slow her down, but she won't hear him. "I don't play well with others. Now I'm gonna ask you this once and then I'm gonna get testy. Where's this club?"

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