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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

You've Got Mail. I've made my feelings about that movie clear in another recap, so I'll confine my comments to this: Blech.

Giles hacks at the cage lock with an axe until it gives. He drops to the ground to check on Cordy, but she's dead. Oz and Larry rush in, saying the vamps hit them outside, and that Nancy is dead. Giles momentarily looks like he's going to break, but recovers to ask them to take Cordy's corpse to the incinerator. Somewhat in shock, they pick her up, but Giles instructs them to stop when he catches sight of the pendant around her neck. I really don't understand why this hasn't shown up in later episodes. Maybe because it didn't make much sense. Hrumph. Giles takes the necklace, and Larry and Oz leave.

The Master pours and daintily drinks a cappuccino. Heh. Willow and Xander return, and inform him that Cordelia is dead, Xander saying the deed was too easy. Willow: "I felt cheap." Maybe you should consider changing your outfit, hon. She sucks up (heh) to the Master, and asks him if she can play with "the puppy." He hands her some keys and tells her to knock herself out.

Giles, on the phone. He's talking to Buffy's Watcher, saying he needs to see her. Apparently Buffy's been dusting vamps in Cleveland, about which Giles gets a little snooty. Buffy's Watcher doesn't know where she is, and Giles hangs up in frustration.

Establishing daytime shots of the town and the Bronze. Willow walks by a cell, repeating her "bored now" line. She complains how annoying daytime is. We see a male figure in the fetal position facing away from the camera. Willow, holding a pair of scissors, addresses him as "puppy," notes that he's quiet, and tells him not to be a spoilsport. She's really quite menacing with her baby voice -- it's a lot less irritating than her normal baby voice. She straddles the "puppy" and pulls his head up. It's Angel, of course. She exposits a bit about the plant, saying that all the people he tried to save are going to die. She licks his face. I thought he was supposed to be the puppy. "It's gonna be quick for them. Not for you, though. It's gonna be slow for you. That's right, puppy" -- she throws him down -- "Willow's gonna make you bark." Yow. What time was this show broadcast again? She rips his shirt open to reveal some nasty-looking scars and burns. Mistress Of Pain, anyone? Speaking of which, Angel's clearly in a lot of pain, and Willow muses that perhaps she went too hard on him the last time. Behind her, someone lights a match and tosses it onto Angel's bare chest. It's Xander: "Too hard? No such thing." Willow admonishes him to be careful, as he almost got her hair. He apologizes, and tosses a box of matches to her. She asks if he doesn't want to. "No thanks, baby. I just want to watch you go." She smiles and lights another match. Considering that (1) he's getting off on watching the bare-chested Angel take it "hard," and (2) it's implied that he's been in Willow's current physical position with Angel before, I have a strong suspicion that Willow isn't the only member of this pair to have taken a walk on the wild side, if you catch my drift. Perhaps ME was just keeping their options open as to which character to make gay.

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