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The Wish

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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

Library. Cordy is still unconscious, but Giles says her pulse is strong. Nancy bitches about Cordy's outfit, saying that vamps are attracted to bright colors. Since when? If that were true, Willow would have died several times over in Seasons Three and Four, I'm sure. Larry: "That's Cordelia. It's better to look good than to feel alive." Giles instructs the kids to guard the perimeter.

Exterior of the Bronze. Aggressive rock plays as Xander and Willow, their arms around each other, approach. It's a gruesome scene. Vamps are feeding off people. Inside, people are in cages. One is chained to the pool table. Xander runs one finger down the pool table guy's upper torso. Hmm, that makes me wonder -- more on that later. Xander and Willow walk through some curtains to the inner sanctum, where they find the Master, who asks if they're hungry. He picks a dazed girl up off the floor, and complains that she keeps looking at him while he's trying to feed. Hee. Willow looks eager, and vamps out. He tosses the girl to her, and she digs in. The Master nostalgically says that he remembers that bloodlust, and asks for news. Xander relates what happened with Cordelia. The Master says that Giles will be dealt with, but gets agitated when he hears that Cordy mentioned the Slayer. Willow rejoins them. The Master: "The plant begins operation in less than twenty-four hours. You will find this girl. You will kill her before she contacts the Slayer, or I'll see you two kissing daylight."

Cordy comes to and babbles to Giles about the wish she made. She says that Buffy should be there, and, as gears grind, she asks why he's there, as he was Buffy's Watcher. He's startled, as he never told anyone that he was a Watcher. He hears a faint noise, which sends him to the cage for weapons. He grabs a cross and a stake. Turning, he tells her to start her story again, but the cage door slams in his face. Willow, vamped out, taunts him. Xander, also in game face and holding Cordelia: "Not too bright, book guy." Sadly, I'm forced to agree. Giles slams the cross against the cage, and Willow backs up, snarling. Xander: "So you're a Watcher, huh? Watch this." He bites Cordy. Willow joins in. The camera spins around them. Willow and Xander hold each other, and it's very sensual and horrifying at the same time -- sort of like reading fanfic. Giles watches helplessly. The vamps disengage, and Cordy falls to the floor. They smile at Giles and leave, Willow tossing the key to the cage to the floor as they go.

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