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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

In the empty parking lot, Cordy accosts a grounds man, asking where her car is. He retorts that students aren't allowed to drive, and that she should get in before the sun sets. I wonder why she doesn't think to stop by the library now, but her later comment to Giles makes me realize she never could have expected he'd be there. Also, I assume there was a school bus that she missed or something, because the students certainly couldn't be expected to walk home. Cordy stalks off.

Main drag. It's now dark. Sirens wail, and Cordy walks quickly, now clearly having some idea that she's in trouble. She stops suddenly in front of a very pale, very leather-clad, very hot-looking Xander. He calls her by name. Cordy, having missed not only the school bus but also the clue train, says that Harmony told her he was dead. Xander is playing menacing well, but I'm the tiniest bit distracted from his performance by the sparkly white necklace he's wearing. Cordy tells him that they need to find Buffy, because she'll figure out a way to save them. Xander: "Buffy. The Slayer?" Cordy confirms that. The original utterance of possibly the most famous line ever spoken on this show cuts in: "Boorrred now." We see a pair of leather-clad legs, and the camera pans up to show a very pale Willow, sporting her notorious leather cat-suit-type creation. She kittenishly (hee) goes on that "this is the part that's less fun, when there isn't any screaming." Cordy, still reading the situation on a second-grade comprehension level, asks what the deal with the leather is. Xander and Willow canoodle a bit, prompting Cordy to screech that she can't win, since even in "Bizarroland," Xander and Willow are an item. If you look closely in the background, you can see a Sunnydale Gazette with the front page: "Xander Harris. Vampire!" Xander agrees with the "can't win" sentiment, and vamps out. "But I'll give you a head start." Cordy gasps and runs. She does get a few points back for ditching her bag. Xander, in no hurry, macks with Willow. Cordy runs, but Xander catches her and throws her to the ground, knocking her out. Willow grouses that she didn't even fight. We hear the squeal of tires. Xander: "Aw, swell. It's the white hats." A van pulls up, and Giles, Larry, and a random girl we later find out is named Nancy pile out and fend Willow and Xander off with stakes and crosses. Nancy's real-life husband is Giovanni Ribisi, according to the IMDb. That's for the three of you who care. Oz is in the driver's seat, holding a crossbow. Larry and Nancy retrieve Cordelia, and they all drive off.

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