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The Wish

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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

"-- Buffy Summers." It's the next day at school. In the courtyard, Cordy is telling this to Anya. Cordy touches her stomach again, and says she pulled some stitches thanks to Buffy, who is again sitting nearby with Willow and Xander. Harmony and the Harmionettes walk by. Harm: "Loved the look last night, Cor. Dumpster chic for the dumped?" Okay, so much for her not having an original thought -- that was freaking hilarious. Cordy looks ashamed. Anya kindly unfastens her necklace and puts it around Cordy's neck, saying she needs it right now. Hmm. I don't think this set-up was done in any other vengeance demon situation we've seen. Was it just an affectation, or a plot contrivance? Anya, by the way, has gone for a more Junior League hairdo today. It's not nearly as flattering as the pulled-back look from the previous day, but since her hair still looks very healthy, I don't care. Cordy says she could use some luck, and bitches about Buffy some more. Anya tries to turn the topic to Xander, but Cordy won't be deterred, saying that she never would have looked twice at Xander if it weren't for Buffy, which is almost certainly true. Anya seems interested now, and looks over at Buffy. Cordy: "I wish Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale." Anya, now in Anyanka game face, turns back to Cordy, who gasps. Anyanka rasps, "Done!" Fade to white.

Cordy, in the same spot, looks around. Anyanka is gone. There are a lot fewer students, and they seem to be in more of a hurry. Cordy touches her stomach, which seems to be healed. She realizes her wish was granted, and surmises that Anya was a "scary, veiny good fairy." Inside, Cordy sees Harmony and the, well, Cordettes. They're all dressed a bit more, shall we say, sensibly, in various dark colors. Harmony, catching sight of Cordy, asks where she's been, and Whitney says she loves Cordy's dress, which is bright blue, by the way, and that it's "so daring." The jock from earlier appears and very politely asks Cordy to the "Winter Brunch." Cordy says she'll get back to him, and he can't believe his good luck. Harm sucks up to Cordy, who asks what the Winter Brunch is.

Class. There are only about eight students, at a glance. Who says public schools are overcrowded? The bell rings. The nervous teacher says there's no class the next day because of the "monthly memorial," and leaves. Everyone starts rushing out. Cordy wonders why, but Whitney says curfew starts in an hour. Cordy ignores that and says she wants to go out, suggesting the Bronze. They look at her like she asked them all to wear tie-dye. Cordy: "Oh! The Bronze isn't cool in this reality! I've got to make these little adjustments." Heh. Although it seems a bit inconsistent that she figured out so quickly that her wish was granted, but had to be hit over the head to realize the consequences of said wish. Harm asks what's going on, saying that Cordy's wearing a "come bite me" outfit and making jokes about the Bronze. Cordy tries to cover by saying that she hit her head, and keeps forgetting stuff. She "casually" tries to ascertain that Xander and Willow are nobodies in this reality. Harm: "Well yeah. They're dead." She rolls her eyes and leaves. Cordy looks nine kinds of "Huh?"

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