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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

Oz goes to his locker. Willow, emerging from stalker position, walks up and starts babbling. Oz gives her a cursory "hey" and turns to walk away. Willow starts to apologize, but he brusquely says that she did that earlier. She offers to try to make up for what she did, but he says he needs time to figure things out. She thinks it would be better if they talked, but he calls her out, saying that he told her what he needs, and that she only wants to talk so she can feel better about herself. I give that more words than a graduate thesis. Willow's lack of self-awareness is the Energizer bunny of this show. I feel bad for her here, but she's worse than Buffy at not learning life's lessons, and that's saying something. Plus, Buffy's got that whole Slayer thing as an excuse.

Cordy, inside, spies Xander down the hall. She gets some jock's attention, and asks him to check if she has something in her teeth. From Xander's viewpoint, it sort of looks like they could be making out, but it's a pretty cheap ruse. I channel Randal in Clerks: "I don't appreciate your ruse, ma'am." God, I loved him. Still, Xander buys it, as he dejectedly walks away. She asks the jock how it's going. He tells her he can't be seen with "Xander Harris's cast-off," but if she wants to "go someplace private..." the implication being that he wouldn't be adverse to dancing the Posturepedic polka with her. Cordy is stunned, and he takes off. Maybe she deserved that to blow up in her face, but it was still pretty harsh. She looks like she wants to take a bleach shower, but she's accosted by Anya. Cordy invites Anya to dump on her too, but Anya surprises her by saying that she thinks she's the only person worth hanging out with at school. Cordy asks about Harmony. Anya: "She follows me around. If that girl had an original thought her head would explode." Can't argue with that. I briefly wonder whether Anya's just putting on a good act here, or if her powers actually make her more empathetic when she needs to be. Cordy notices Anya's necklace, and asks if it's Gucci. Anya says that it's actually a family heirloom and a good-luck charm, and Cordy replies she could have used one of those pre-Xander. Anya subtly starts to work the wish mojo, but Cordy says she's not interested in wishing, just acting. Cordy, I've watched you on Angel. Stick with the wishing. She announces, "Starting now Xander Harris is going to get a bellyful of just how over him I am."

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