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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

We hear a message from Xander as, in close-up, a pair of scissors cuts up a photograph of Cordy, Xander, Willow, and Buffy. Convenient that Oz wasn't in it. We see, of course, that it's Cordy wielding the scissors. She's wearing sweatpants, so you know she's hit rock bottom. She makes an extra cut to the part of the picture with her own face on it, which I thought was an interesting detail. Messages from Xander continue to play as Cordy sniffles a bit. She puts the pieces in a small bowl and sets them on fire. The camera focuses on Xander's image burning. Credits.

Willow, standing by a row of lockers, looks around worriedly. Buffy appears and asks her how it's going. Willow babbles that Oz hasn't been to his locker. "There may be books in there that he needs, but still, he doesn't come!" Aw. Buffy asks if Xander has seen Cordelia. Willow says no, but that Amy saw her at the mall the previous evening, and that she looked "pretty scary."

School parking lot. I'm almost positive, although I couldn't confirm it, that the opening guitar riff from George Thorogood's "Bad To The Bone" is playing. A car pulls in, the door opens, and we see a pair of heels hit the blacktop. The camera pans up to reveal Cordy, dressed to kill in a brown leather jacket/skirt combo. I don't think it's a particularly flattering look for her, but she's definitely projecting a man-eater vibe. Down the courtyard, she sees Harmony and a few girls, to whom I'll refer as the "Harmionettes," for reasons that should be obvious. Harmony has minions! Hee. They catch sight of Cordy, who waits uncertainly. Harmony, with a sunny smile, greets Cordelia and says she looks amazing. I'm so inordinately pleased to note that Nicole Bilderback is one of the Harmionettes that I stand up and shriek, "Awesome! Oh wow! Like totally freak me out, I mean, right on!" at the TV. Ahem. She will be Whitney in the recap. From the back, Harmony pulls a girl forward and introduces her. She is, of course, Anya, with her hair looking about five thousand times healthier than in later seasons. She says, "Nice bag. Prada?" Cordy's impressed. Harmony says she couldn't believe it when she heard what happened with Xander, but that the injury time-out she took was smart, to let people forget about him. Cordy: "Xander who?" Good one. Not. They tee-hee. Whitney tells Cordy she should start dating again, and Harmony says she has someone who is "so you." They walk over to the stairs, where Jonathan is sitting. Harmony laughs that he probably won't cheat on Cordy. Not until "Superstar," at least. Cordy bows her head as Whitney and Harm titter. Anya, however, is unamused. They leave.

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