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The Wish

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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

The Master orders them to get the show on the road. Some vamps open the cage and grab a screaming Whitney. They drag her to a conveyor belt, stun her, and load her on. This part's pretty gross, so here's the short version: The whole set-up is to extract blood from still-alive human victims. The caged humans look horrified. We see that Buffy and Angel are now on the scene, and are observing from the back. Angel: "What's the plan?" Buffy, holding up a stake: "Don't fall on this." Ha! A vamp pours a glass of blood from a tap, which is pretty funny, and brings it to the Master. As he does, Buffy and Angel sneak forward, and then Angel disappears to the side. The Master raises his glass and toasts the future. As everyone echoes the toast, Buffy raises her crossbow with one hand and fires at him. Moving quickly, he grabs Xander, who takes the bolt in his shoulder. Buffy aims at someone else, but the crossbow is knocked away. Mayhem ensues. Angel clocks the vamp guarding the cage, and lets the humans out. Another nitpick: Angel seems pretty strong for what he went through. Had they been feeding him at all? Maybe Buffy gave him a taste. Ew, not like that. Angel and Buffy fight in different parts of the room. Oz breaks off a piece of wood, leaving a sharp piece sticking out, which will be important quite soon. Willow: "Uh-oh. The puppy got out." She and Xander leap into the fray.

Anyanka slowly approaches Giles, who asks what Cordelia wished for. Anyanka says she had no idea her wish would be so exciting. "Brave new world. I hope she likes it." Beyond the grave, William Shakespeare and Aldous Huxley arm-wrestle for the shout-out.


Giles tells Anyanka to reverse the wish. "I'm not afraid of you. Your only power lies in the wishing." Anyanka grabs him by the throat and shoves him against a wall. "Wrong!" When are these people going to learn that it's never a good idea to challenge demons to demonstrate their powers? Although I have to say, I certainly never would have called these two making out three years later. That's television for you.

Buffy knocks Willow away, then gives Xander a three-part introduction to her right knee. He gets back up very quickly, though. From afar, Angel sees that Xander has picked up a discarded crossbow bolt and is coming at Buffy. Angel bounds across and punches Xander away, but takes the bolt in the heart. Turning to the camera, he winces and yelps, "Buffy..." before disintegrating. Buffy determinedly continues to fight, as, starting in voice-over but continuing in Giles's apartment, Anyanka rasps, "This is the real world now. This is the world we made. Isn't it wonderful!" Giles struggles.

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