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The Wish

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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

Buffy looks around the Bronze, not fazed in the slightest by the carnage. Downstairs, she observes Angel whimpering in his cell. She turns away, but he calls her by name. He stammers that he was supposed to help her. Referring to "The Harvest," he says that the Master rose, and has been torturing him since. Minor point, but I guess we're to assume that Luke and Darla were somehow taken care of in the time since. He continues, "I kept hoping maybe you'd come...my destiny." Buffy: "Is this a 'get in my pants' thing?" Ha! It's nice to know that ToughBuffy isn't into the whole "soulmates" thing. Oops. Sorry for mentioning that verboten word, Sars. She asks where the Master is, and he responds that he's at the factory, and that he could take her there. It seems a little unlikely that Willow or anyone else would have divulged so much information about the factory, but that's a nitpick. She eyes him for a moment, then kicks in the cell door. When she leans over to free him from his bonds, however, her cross dangles close to his face, and he recoils. She's disgusted, and starts to leave, but he tells her he won't hurt her. Standing up, he opens his shirt, revealing his scars. "You don't believe I want to help you. Believe I want him dead." Buffy looks convinced.

Factory. The Master, up on a stage with Xander and Willow, is giving a rousing speech about the wonders of technology. He goes on that some have pooh-poohed "such an advancement. They claim that death is our art." I only put that in because in "Fool For Love" Spike tells Buffy that death is her art, which brings up the question of how deeply the Slayer's power is rooted in darkness. Then again, we also know that death is her gift, so maybe I'll shut up now. Numerous humans, including Whitney, Larry, and Oz, are in a large wooden cage. The Master continues, "I say to them -- well, I don't say anything to them because I killed them." Hee. He's so petty. He says that a human concept, mass production, will aid them in taking over the world. Xander, choked up: "We really are living in a golden age." Heh.

Giles puts some herbs into a smoking golden goblet. He recites an incantation to bring forth Anyanka. The camera slowly pans right, and we see her in the darkness under the stairs. She steps forward and croaks, "Do you have any idea what I do to a man who uses that spell to summon me?" Giles looks like he has a couple of ideas, and they ain't pretty.

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