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The Wish

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You Always Kill The Ones You Love

We open with a shot of a small, tranquil, flower-filled pond. I don't like where this is headed already. The camera pans right, and ominous music kicks in to let us know I'm not wrong. We see something that on first glance looks like a pair of alligator-skin boots, but is actually the legs of a large demon, which is holding Buffy by the neck against a tree. The demon looks like your standard B-movie Swamp Thing dealie. Buffy manages to shout, "Nerf!" I fervently hope for her to get hit in the face with a foam football, but sadly, it's not to be. Back to the left, Xander appears characteristically to have been knocked to the ground. Willow frantically looks through Buffy's bag. Realizing that "Nerf!" is I'm Being Choked, You Idiot for "knife," she grabs a knife and tosses it to Buffy from behind her (?). Buffy dispatches the demon with an ineffective-looking stab. She thanks Willow and Xander for being there, as it was "too close for comfort." Nice un-anvilicious foreshadowing there, although I could have done without the flashback to Monroe Ficus. Has there ever been a gayer name than that? They realize that the demon isn't going to combust like a vamp would, and that they'll have to bury it. Xander wonders why Faith wasn't there, but Buffy says she couldn't reach her, and that she's a little worried. "Slaying's a rough gig. Too much alone time is unhealthy." Xander asks if they're done for the day, which prompts Buffy to inquire if he has plans. The answer is a resounding "no." He says he's tried to call Cordelia numerous times, with no luck. He babbles that the incident in the factory in "Lovers Walk" was the last time he and Willow were going to kiss, and rationalizes that the whole mess is Oz's and Cordy's fault for rescuing them. Well, I'm sure they're kicking themselves for rescuing you, too. Buffy: "Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic." Buffy, considering how much time you spent visiting the moons of Spike in Season Six, I'd tone it down. Willow says that she's looking forward to school the next day. Buffy thinks she's planning to distract herself with schoolwork, but Willow corrects her, saying that she's planning to beg Oz for forgiveness. She goes on that she wants to be strong, but when she thinks that she might never be close to Oz again, it's like "all the air just goes out of the room." Aw. Buffy: "I know the feeling." Yes, Angel is certainly a master of sucking the air out of the room. Xander wants to know how Buffy deals with her tough times. Buffy: "I have you guys." I hear a loud metallic CLUNK! When I look over, I see that Un-anvilicious Foreshadowing has been crushed to death by his evil twin, Anvilicious Foreshadowing. Damn.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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