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The Crying Game

The Scoobs, in the library, review the security tape of the incident. It's of course completely implausible that they would have the tape instead of, let's say, the police, but I have bigger fish to fry. Giles notes that Xander and Cordy claim the demon "just stopped" its attack on Xander. Since they just watched that part of the tape, I'm not sure what he's unclear on. Cordy points out that the demon "chucked Xander and went right for the formalwear." So I suppose Xander in a tux would represent a classic approach-avoidance dilemma. They rewind the tape again, but Buffy says she doesn't want to watch. Giles says she should study the creature some more. Perhaps they should stop showing the same two-second segment. Wesley chimes in that the creature in question is a hellhound. Why not a Devil Dog? Because I loved those as a kid. Then again, perhaps naming a fierce killer after a tasty snack food wouldn't inspire the correct level of fear. Now, if they named it a Pork Rind, that would be appropriately scary. I went off on that tangent to try not to comment on the fact that Wesley actually knew something relevant, but I couldn't pull it off, since Giles confirms that Wesley is correct. Giles says that the hellhound is a sort of "demon foot soldier," and that it feeds off the brains of its victims. Well, half this crew should be safe, then. Wesley, out of nowhere and completely inappropriately, asks Cordelia what she was doing at the store with Xander. As Cordy fumbles for an answer, Xander covers for her. Cordy looks surprised and pensive. Oz notices the kid with the remote. Xander: "Hello, hellhound raiser!"

Oz picks out the kid's photo from a yearbook, identifying him as Tucker Wells, and saying they had a class together. Wesley says something stupid. I borrowed that macro from Strega. Xander notices that Buffy is miles away, but doesn't really engage her. Willow hacks into Tucker's email account, and conveniently finds a message that basically says he's going to attack the prom. Giles realizes that Cordy's analysis of the hellhound's sartorial attack habits is spot-on, and she gloats. They all groan that the prom's a no-go, but Buffy, suddenly all business, nips that line of thinking in the bud: "I'm gonna give you a nice, fun, normal evening if I have to kill every single person on the face of the earth to do it." Xander, with the only line of his I consistently love: "...Yay?"

Buffy suggests that Wesley go to Tucker's house. He none-too-subtly suggests that he could use back-up, and Buffy allows him to take Cordelia. Oz and Willow go to talk to the recipient of Tucker's prom email. Buffy sends Xander to the magic shop -- which, she conveniently adds, is next to April Fools -- to see if anyone's bought supplies to raise a hellhound. Buffy, still in kick-ass-and-take-names mode, tells Giles that if the hellhounds eat brains, Tucker's got to be feeding them. Cut to a slaughterhouse. Some dude helpfully gives Buffy Tucker's address. Across the large room, she sees Angel buying some blood. Angel sees her, and asks how she is. She says she's fine. At the look on his face, she tells him she can lie if she wants to, because they're broken up. He tries to tell her he misses her, but she says she doesn't have time for emotions with the prom killer on the loose. He asks if she's still planning to go, and she says yes, but strictly in a chaperone capacity. He offers to help with the prom killer, but she shoots him down. Upon seeing his wounded look, she unbends a little and thanks him, then leaves.

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