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The Crying Game

Fade to a night shot of Sunnydale. Buffy sits in her bedroom window with her legs on the eaves. Angel mopes in the mansion.

Back to Buffy's house, in the daytime. Buffy and Willow sit on her bed. Buffy has just filled Willow in. Willow calls Angel a "big dumb jerk person," and a "super maxi-jerk for doing it right before the prom." Buffy defends Angel, saying that he doesn't get the prom. "You don't have to make him the bad guy." Willow: "But that's the best friend's job. Vilifying and grousing." Aw. Sniff. Buffy acknowledges that usually that's true, but that she thinks Angel might be right. Willow agrees, but says that she's sorry, and that it must be horrible. Buffy's voice breaks as she says, "I think 'horrible' is still coming. Right now it's worse. Right now I'm just trying to keep from dying!" She collapses into sobs and rests her head on Willow's knee. "I can't breathe, Will! I feel like I can't breathe!" Willow looks distraught. This episode is making Terms Of Endearment look like Mary Poppins.

Slum house. The demon breaks out of its cage and escapes.

April Fools. Xander walks by, and sees Cordelia admiring a dress. He walks in and accosts her, asking how long it takes her to buy a dress. She counters that she doesn't want to get stuck with another "dud." A female co-worker of Cordelia's comes up and outs her as an employee. Xander is floored. Cordy explains that she's trying to buy a dress. Xander: "But don't you already have all the dresses?" Heh. Cordy snits that she has nothing, and that all her possessions are gone because her father was busted for tax evasion. She asks him if he's happy, and goes on that she can't afford to go to college now, and she can't stay home either because they no longer have one. All Xander can manage is, "Wow." Cordy: "Yeah! Neat-o! Now you can run along and tell all of your friends how Cordy finally got hers! How she has to work part-time just to get a lousy prom dress on layaway! And" -- she pulls open her jacket -- "how she has to wear a name tag. I'm a name tag person. Don't leave that out! The story just wouldn't have the same punch!" On cue, the demon crashes through the storefront window. Xander shoves Cordy out of the way, and I hope she feels bad for all the things she said in "The Zeppo" about his cowardice. The demon starts to attack Xander, but notices a dude in a tux, and goes after him instead. I'm a sucker for a guy in a tux too. The demon looks like he's having a slap fight with the guy, but I guess it's got sharp claws or something. Finished with Tux Guy, the demon looks around, but then we see a geeky-looking kid holding some sort of remote control, through which he's ostensibly controlling the demon. It runs out, past the terrified people in the store.

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