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Library. Willow is describing something to Buffy. Xander and Oz are also there, seemingly researching. Giles overhears part of the description: "What's that, a demon?" Buffy: "A prom dress that Will was thinking of getting. Can't you ever get your mind out of the Hellmouth?" Aw, fun Buffy-Giles interaction. So cute. And Giles is wearing suspenders! Giles counters that he'd be happy to, except for the Ascension and all. Xander wonders about the pages Willow stole out of the Books of Ascension in "Choices." Giles says they know that the Mayor will become a demon on Graduation Day, as we see two pairs of legs walking on the balcony.

Wesley's poncey voice cuts through the air, saying that they don't know which demon he's going to become. He and Cordelia descend the stairs as Wes continues that they can't trifle with talking about a school dance. Cordy says that's too bad, because he would look "way double-oh-seven in a tux." I bet George Lazenby looks more 007 even now than Wesley does here, and I don't even know if he's still alive. ["He is...if you can call that living." -- Sars] Buffy and Xander share an amused look. Wesley continues that on the actual prom night he will be assisting Giles in his "chaperoning duties." Giles is pissed, but quickly accedes. Wesley and Cordelia exchange a smile. Yuck. Buffy assures Willow that they'll find her a dress, although at first I thought she was talking to Wesley. Buffy says they should check a shop called April Fools. Cordy: "Don't go there." They look at her. She covers with, "I shop there." Xander says he's buying a tux. Giles: "And I shall be wearing pink taffeta as chenille will not go with my complexion. Can we please talk about the Ascension?" Ha! Buffy tells him to chill, saying they get it, but one night of fun isn't too much to ask.

Cut to a run-down-looking house. A male hand slides a tape into a VCR. We see his legs walk around a cage, which contains a hairy demon-like creature on all fours. In addition to being caged, its head is held in place so it's forced to see the TV. It growls menacingly and shakes the cage.

A church in daylight. A priest performs a marriage ceremony. It's for Buffy and Angel. As the camera swings around to show them from the front, the church music kicks up to drown out the priest. Buffy looks beautiful in a traditional white dress and veil. Angel, in a black suit, looks great as well, although the white tie wouldn't have been my choice. They exchange rings, and he lifts the veil and kisses her. They smile at each other. They turn to walk out, and a full shot shows that the lower part of Buffy's dress is enormous. It's a bit distracting, considering how serious this scene is. They walk toward the entrance. Angel looks nervous at approaching the sunlight. Quick shot of the stained glass windows, and they step outside. Angel squints and hesitates as Buffy walks into the light. Angel follows her, and we hear something start to burn. Creepy music kicks in as the camera shifts to a terrified Buffy. Fire erupts from her chest and the bottom of her dress. She calls Angel's name, but is quickly completely on fire. Angel looks absolutely horror-stricken as Buffy incinerates. The effects were kind of fake-looking, but I didn't care. It was one of the scariest things I've ever seen on the show. Angel wakes up, panting.

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