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The Crying Game

First off, I know I did this episode out of order. There's a reason for that, but if I told you what it is, I'd have to kill you. Second, because this episode puts me in a very sentimental mood, I'd like to thank all the recappers, whose work makes my life a lot funnier. Special thanks for props thrown my way go to Aaron, Demian, Keckler, Shack, and Strega. Thanks also to Ace and Sep for being so supportive, and Wing Chun and Glark for all their hard work and for generally just being great people. And, finally, a very special big love to Sars, one of my best friends for ten years and an amazing writer and editor. I'm totally buying you a little sparkly umbrella. ["Aw. And if that bitch Sunday touches it, I'll kick her ass." -- Sars]

One other thing, just to get it out of the way: I know Marti Noxon wrote this episode. I still love it. I think we'll all be happier if I don't discuss it any further.

The camera pans up to reveal a sleeping Buffy. Angel is watching her, his face a mere foot from hers. She opens her eyes, and they smile all googly-eyed at each other. Buffy's got serious bed-head, of which Angel informs her. She notes that they got carried away with the "whole post-slayage nap thing." This is the only episode I remember wherein Buffy woke up looking like she hadn't just been to the salon. She gets up to attend to her hair, but Angel reminds her that there are no mirrors at his place. Yeah, like she wouldn't have been on Crate & Barrel's website buying him one as soon as they got back together. She complains that the place isn't "girl-friendly." Insert slash joke here. He tells her she looks perfect, which mollifies her. They cuddle. I hate that word, but it's what they're doing. She suggests that they get some mirrors and maybe some clothing drawers for her to use. Considering how many clothes we've seen her in, I'm surprised she hasn't appropriated a couple of rooms in the mansion already. She says it would be nice to spend the night there after the prom. He unenthusiastically repeats, "The prom?" Misinterpreting his tone, she tells him that lots of girls have older boyfriends, and that he'll blend. Well, considering that all the guys will be in tuxes, yeah. Just stay away from ruffled shirts and you'll be fine. Angel seems vaguely discomfited, and tells her it's probably time for her to go. She whines that there must be a few more hours until sunrise. Put "clock" on your home-supply list, kids. She opens the curtains, and sunlight comes pouring in. Angel jumps up in pain, and cowers in a corner. Making him scurry around like that looks like a fun way to spend the day. Buffy meekly apologizes. He just looks at her like, "Are you trying to kill me, or are you just that dumb?" Credits.

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