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The Initiative

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The Initiative

Back at the party, Buffy is dancing as Willow and Riley hang out on the couch and talk about Riley's poor performance. Riley is engaging in some pretty heady self-delusion as he tells Willow that he's the type of guy who is good at things and gets the job done. I wish I had that type of misplaced confidence (as long as it didn't come with Riley's tuber nose and lank hair). As they are talking, a Dingoes song comes on; Riley notices that Willow is upset and actually endears himself to me somewhat by telling his friend to change the music. Then Willow tells Riley to go tell Buffy that, like, so-and-so has a total crush on her and, like, does Buffy maybe, like, like-like him back? Oh, I was regressing to junior high. Actually, she sends him with the message that she's going home, "which will at least give [him] something to say." Riley the dutiful errand boy relays the information, but is then interrupted by Xander collecting Buffy for "business." Riley endures some ribbing from Forrest and Graham, who then tell him that he's needed downstairs.

Riley, Forrest, and Graham walk around a corner in Lowell House and stand in front of a large mirror. Forrest taunts Riley, saying that Buffy most likely left to have "crazy naked sex" with Xander. As Riley protests the necessity of that statement (and I protest Forrest's spit-and-smooth eyebrow technique) and Forrest tells him that he's just looking out for him, a horizontal beam of green light scans over the three guys. The mirror slides back to reveal a stark white elevator. The guys enter, the mirror slides shut behind them, and the elevator descends while Riley and Forrest continue to banter about girls. Riley directs one of his comments into a box on the wall, from which a computerized voice declares, "Initiative vocal code match complete. Special Agent Finn, Riley." The guys exit the elevator and walk down a large industrial staircase as Riley says, "The problem is, what kind of girl is going to go out with a guy who's acting all Joe Regular by day and turns all demon-hunter by night?" Oh, the irony. I figured the writers would find a way to have Buffy's new beau be in her, um, line of work. "Maybe a peculiar one," suggests Graham, and the camera pulls way back to reveal an enormous underground bunker, very James Bond-ian, with people in white lab coats walking everywhere and a huge medical arena with a shiny aluminum floor, where scientists are studying a variety of demons and vampires strapped to gurneys. Dramatic Music of Great Set Expense ["And here I thought they just ripped if off from Star Wars" -- Ace] plays. Graham tells Riley that he thinks he has a shot with Buffy as the guys stride through the cavernous installation. "Situation?" asks Riley as they come to a stop, and we see that he is addressing Dr. Hardass, who is clad in a white lab coat. "Gentlemen, suit up. We have a Code Red," she barks. "Hostile 17 has escaped." Hostile 17? Hee hee. I think The Boy has a new nickname.

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