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The Freshman

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The Freshman

They approach the graffiti-covered house and climb onto the roof to peer in through a skylight. Below them, they can see the vampire squatters. The vampires are pawing through Buffy's stuff and mocking her clothes. Buffy is obviously deeply offended by this transgression of her personal boundaries and declares she needs to kill the vampires. To do this, she needs weapons, but she can't tell if they have stolen her weapons trunk. Buffy is distressed even further to see Sunday's gang tossing around Mr. Gordo, her stuffed pig. She sends Xander to find weapons and continues to stare, incensed, through the skylight. As Buffy declares that the fight between her and Sunday will go by her rules this time, the skylight gives way and Buffy drops onto the floor in front of the surprised vampire gang, landing on her already wounded arm.

Buffy slowly rises from the floor as Sunday taunts her for losing their fight the night before. Sunday snidely comments on Buffy's entrance sans weapons or plans, and Buffy begins to babble about mistakes Sunday had made until Sunday punches her in the face.

Back at Buffy's dorm room Kathy, Oz, and Willow discuss Buffy's strange disappearance. Willow exclaims that Buffy would never leave this way, but seems less sure when she recalls the summer that Buffy ran away. Kathy perkily inquires if Buffy has mental problems and then whines that she requested "a stable non-smoker" for a roommate. Oz, who has been studying the fake note (which I'm surprised Buffy didn't toss in the trash), states that it isn't Buffy's handwriting. Willow doesn't appear to hear him and exclaims that she's been a bad friend to Buffy. She demands to know how Oz can remain so calm. "Long, arduous hours of practice," deadpans Oz. Xander bursts into the room and, noting the presence of Kathy, declares Buffy's disappearance to be a "prank." He hugs Willow, and he hugs Kathy who he had never met, causing her some discomfort, and he and Oz decide they are too manly to hug. Willow asks Xander what's going on, and Xander explains that Buffy's friends "who sleep all day and have no tans" took her stuff. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Willow and Oz recognize what kind of "friends" Buffy is up against. Xander, Willow, and Oz leave the dorm to get supplies from Willow's room.

At the abandoned fraternity house, Buffy is not faring too well against Sunday, but she does spot her weapons chest in the corner. Sunday unfurls the small "Class Protector" umbrella Buffy was given by the Sunnydale senior class last year at prom and breaks it under her foot. She grabs Buffy's hurt arm, and hurts it some more, but Buffy smacks her hard in the face, and they fight. As the rest of the vampire gang tries to flee, Xander, Willow, and Oz burst in. Willow dusts Stoner Vamp with a crossbow. Montana Vamp manages to make it out alive -- as it were. Buffy tells Sunday that it was a mistake to touch her stuff; they fight some more. Sunday asks Buffy how her broken arm is feeling, and Buffy says, "Let me answer that question with a head-butt," and proceeds to administer a vicious one to Sunday's forehead. That's our little Slayer! Buffy tells Sunday her arm is hurt, not broken, and punches her so hard Sunday flies across the room. In the confusion, one of the vampire henchmen manages to escape. Oz asks Buffy if she needs any help, but she declines, twirling her stake in her hand, and challenges Sunday to a quick game of darts. With Sunday as the dartboard. Buffy gets a bulls-eye from across the room and Sunday turns to dust. Dammit -- I know that killing Sunday was essential for Buffy's morale but I was really hoping they'd keep her for a while. I think she'd have great chemistry with Spike.

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