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The Freshman

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The Freshman

Buffy sits on her bed holding her hurt arm while Kathy snores in the other bed. Buffy is definitely not looking like the spunky ass-kicking Slayer anymore.

The next day Buffy exits a classroom, and she's sporting a painfully bruised face (that I'm having trouble accepting, because how many hard knocks have we seen Buffy take without their leaving a mark?) She sees Willow and Oz laughing and talking with another student. Buffy looks chagrined, pulls some of her bangs over one of her bruises, and walks away to avoid running into her friends. I can understand she's embarrassed by her defeat, but I'm sure Oz and Willow would understand and support her. Has Buffy enrolled in Martyrdom 101 or something?

Sunday and her crew hang in their lair, mocking Buffy's defeat the night before. Sunday takes issue with Buffy's patched jeans in particular, and when Montana Vamp suggests that the style might become popular, Sunday sneers, "Not if I kill every single person who wears them." Sunday further claims that Buffy is a "done deal" and seems to have a plan.

We see the Summers house in daylight. Buffy enters the kitchen, still favoring her injured arm. She looks around, depressed, and calls for her mother. Joyce is very surprised to see Buffy home so soon from college. They hug, and Joyce expresses concern over Buffy's bruises, but Buffy insists she's okay; she's taking the homework from Martyrdom 101 a bit too seriously. Buffy tells her mother that she came home to crash in her old room, but she's distressed to see it has been filled with packing crates. Joyce defends turning Buffy's room into an impromptu storage unit by saying she didn't think Buffy would be home for a while, but she does insist she's changed nothing else about Buffy's room. Buffy looks downcast, which I understand, because she was seeking a little comfort and was denied, but this is the point at which I would have bundled my mother up for a serious walk down Guilt Lane and extracted homemade treats, praise, and a comfy bed on the sofa. Ummm, but maybe that's just me. As Buffy exits through the kitchen, the phone rings in the first Buffy/Angel Crossover Event (hey, it had as much of a plot as the second one). Angel is on the other end, but we're not supposed to know that until the premiere of his show later in the evening, because he doesn't say anything.

Later, Buffy walks disconsolately down the dorm hall and enters her room. She's shocked to see that her side of the room has been stripped of all of her belongings. A note lies on her bare mattress: "This is all just too much for me. I have decided to take off. Sorry I didn't have time to say good-bye but I need to be by myself. Good luck this year. -- Buffy." Buffy sits on her bed and stares sadly around the room. Wearing Buffy down further by stealing all her possessions seems like an awfully deft move for a vampire. I never figured vampires were much for psychological warfare, or even strategy of any sort. But it does appear that Sunday's plan has the desired effect on Buffy.

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