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The Freshman

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The Freshman

Buffy lets herself into Giles's apartment without knocking as a woman clad only in a men's shirt walks out of the kitchen. Heh. Go Giles! Buffy stares in shock as Giles appears in a bathrobe from the back of the apartment. Giles introduces Buffy to Olivia and Buffy says that she needs help. Buffy keeps repeating, "This is a bad time," as Olivia goes to change into "something less comfortable." Buffy thinks Giles has too much free time, which prompts Giles to say, "I'm not supposed to have a private life?" "No," whines Buffy, "because you're very, very old and it's gross." Buffy, I think that was a rhetorical question. Go look it up. ["Memo to Joss and the Buffy writing staff: the whole 'Buffy is grossed out by adults' sex lives' joke is now officially tired. Please take note. Thanks muchly." -- Ace] Instead of reading Buffy the riot act and kicking her out until she learns better manners, Giles asks her to tell him what the problem is. Buffy tells Giles about Eddie; Giles thinks that Buffy can handle the situation herself. Giles gives her the requisite "you're a big girl now" speech. Buffy apologizes for disturbing Giles and leaves, so we, the viewing audience, will know that she feels alienated by not only her friends but also her watcher. I bet in a few episodes Giles is going to wish that he had helped out when he had the chance.

Buffy is walking around the campus at night, patrolling. She catches sight of a guy who looks like Eddie and follows him around a corner to a more deserted area. She yells out for him to wait for her and says, "I was worried that something happened to you --" as Eddie turns around wearing his game face, "--and of course it has, because you're a vampire. I'm sorry." "I'm not," mumbles Eddie. They fight and Buffy makes short work of him. Eddie was probably the only person on this show whose appearance has ever been improved by vampire makeup. The camera angle changes to show Sunday standing behind Buffy. She calls out, "The Slayer," and Buffy turns around. Sunday rambles on about the challenge of fighting the slayer as Montana Vamp and Stoner Vamp step out of the shadows. Sunday introduces herself: "I'm Sunday. I'll be killing you here in a minute or so." Buffy: "You know, that threat gets more frightening every time I hear it." I love spunky Buffy! Stoner Vamp: "Are we gonna fight or is there just gonna be a monster sarcasm rally?" Sunday tells her crew that Buffy is all hers. Sunday insults Buffy's outfit, and when Buffy glances down, Sunday punches her. They fight, and Buffy for NO APPARENT REASON is having trouble with Sunday. Sunday hurts Buffy's arm badly enough for Buffy to cradle it to her side, and Buffy hightails it out of there as Sunday sneers after her, "Freshman."

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