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She hurries into -- well, I'm not sure which room. Either the one she used to share with Tara, or the one she's using now. Ack. Oh well. Anyway, she riffles through a few drawers filled with clutter and pulls out the talisman D'Hoffryn gave her in "Something Blue." A short time later, Willow sprinkles some powder around the bathroom and chants a D'Hoffryn-summoning incantation. She grabs the talisman and continues the ritual. D'Hoffryn enters in a flash of thunder and lightning, doing a big, showy demon entrance with raised arms and voice-alteration. Catching sight of who summoned him, he drops the theatrics and says in his normal voice, "Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again." D'Hoffryn figures he's there because Willow wants to join the family, and he compliments her on her flaying of Warren. "That was water-cooler vengeance," he smarms. "Lloyd has a sketch of it on his wall." Hee. I thought that was a fun line taken at face value, but then some smart poster pointed out that Deep-Throaty Demon from Spike's trials last year did indeed have a sketch of a flayed man on his wall. Then it got less funny and more strange. Willow prisses that she's not that Willow anymore, but gets called on it by D'Hoffryn, who mentions that he felt the old Willow manifest briefly just that day. Willow wants to change the subject to Anya, which elicits a big sigh from D'Hoffryn.

Anya is back at the frat house, staring at a big blood smear on the wall. Xander enters and snides at her, but then claims he's there to help her. "Everyone's so considerate today," sneers Anya, "I should've slaughtered people weeks ago." Xander apologizes for everything he did to Anya, who responds that he's just fixed everything. Except that she means "not." He tells her that Buffy's on her way to perform her Slayerly duties (alone, remember), and Anya's all, "Oh, I'd like to see her try." Better think of something else quickly, Xander; none of this seems to be working. Xander babbles about how he can't believe all his friends are talking this way about killing each other, but Anya tells him everyone is just doing their jobs. Buffy enters with her big sword. Xander tells Buffy to quit it, but both she and Anya tell him to get out of the way. Then Anya gets into her demon face and smacks Xander across the room. Right around this moment, I began to have a very bad feeling about what Anya was up to here. Granted, she's a demon, and has taken pride in a job well done, but I don't think we've ever seen much evidence that she's fond of a physical fight. I'm also pretty sure that she could just teleport out of Sunnydale and never come back to face the angry Slayer. So right here I began to get the sense that Anya was looking for her own destruction in this scene. Trapped between two lives that seem equally untenable, devastated by having murdered so many, she just wants her whole experience to end. Buffy and Anya fight. Despite the fact that Anya is unarmed, she seems to have the upper hand, and Buffy ends up swinging at empty air much of the time. Buffy is resolutely silent in the face of Anya's taunts until she picks herself up off the floor and apologizes to Anya. Anya doesn't understand the apology and rushes Buffy, who kicks her into the wall and then drives the sword right into the middle of her chest, pinning her to the wall. Anya tips her head back with an exhalation of air.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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