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Vengeance! Plague! Death! Confusion!

Halfrek and Anya are hangin' at Anya's pad. Hallie congratulates Anya on her antics at the frat house and says that the other vengeance demons are equally impressed. Anya's all mopey, however. She frets about all the screaming and the blood inflicted by the "Crimslaw" demon. Hallie's all haw-haw about what "feisty little guys" those Crimslaw demons are, and rambles on until she catches the look on Anya's face. Anya supposes she's just "rusty" at the hardcore vengeance, and Hallie assures her she'll get over her disturbed feeling "in no time." I guess that reassures Anya, or so she tells Hallie. Then Willow walks right into the apartment, proving that not even vengeance demons feel the need to lock their doors in Sunnydale. Which just makes me feel for Anya a little bit more, because as a vengeance demon, I don't think she needs a residence on the human plane at all. One part of her is still going about the human life she tried to assume after "The Wish," while the other part goes about the vengeance demon business. Willow tells Hallie to get out, and Hallie doesn't take too well to Willow's tone, but Anya says it's okay. Hallie orbs out -- oops, wrong show! Hallie teleports out with her usual flair, leaving Willow and Anya alone together. "Anya, you have to stop this," Willow says -- recent experience her guide, I suppose. Anya tries to excuse the slaughter, saying that the party-goers were "humiliating" Closet Girl, but Willow doesn't want to hear the excuses. She tries to communicate to Anya that she wants to help. Obviously amused at what she perceives as Willow trying to take the moral high ground, Anya laughs mockingly. "Flayed anybody lately, have you?" she sneers. Anya then protests that the partygoers "got what they deserved" before shouting, "I am a vengeance demon! Do you understand that?" Willow quite simply answers, "No." Good for her. I don't think she should get mired in some crap argument about Anya's choice being valid. She's offering to help if Anya wants to stop, but that certainly doesn't entail condoning or pretending to understand ripping a dozen people apart over a puerile prank. Anya, seemingly on the verge of tears, unconvincingly repeats, "They got what they deserved."

Xander and Buffy, carrying swords, wander through the live oaks. I wonder if they'll stumble over the incongruous remains of any ninth-century Swedish villages. Sunnydale archaeologists baffled! Buffy and Xander chat about Willow returning to school and then stumble, not across a Swedish village, but rather the remains of another person with his heart pulled out. Xander gets a little nervous about the demon, then loses all sense and grabs some black, tarry substance hanging from a tree. Oh, Xander -- you know you'll have demon goo all over you by the end of the fight, so why start now? They hear a skittering in the trees above them, and then Xander gets zapped with some more of the black, tarry stuff. Buffy shoves Xander completely off-screen as the Crimslaw demon drops from the trees onto them. Buffy fights the large chunk of computer-generated imagery. The demon traps Buffy on her back and menaces her with a pink proboscis, but once she throws it off, it presumably won't head off to Africa to gain a soul. Nope, it just heads back up into the trees. Xander hurries back from the next county, or wherever Buffy shoved him to. They scan the trees, and as Xander proposes going home for more weapons, Buffy throws a battle ax upwards. It falls down again, lodged in the dead Crimslaw demon. I noticed in this scene that Buffy's blouse is belted and her pants are belted. Hmm -- well, sure, her slacks have been very loose this year, but really I think the solution would be to tailor them a little bit, not bind her into her clothes like something out of Japanese porn.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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