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Vengeance! Plague! Death! Confusion!

Willow's professor leaves, and Willow catches sight of Anya. She calls out to Anya and excitedly tells her that she's there to start attending college again. Willow's excited about getting surprise quizzes to make up for the ones she missed, but then sort of trails off, observing Anya's strange demeanor. Well, strange in a different way than her usual strange demeanor. Willow asks Anya what she was doing in the fraternity house, and Anya very badly lies that she has a new boyfriend in the fraternity. Willow is excited for Anya, who mendaciously overshares, "Yeah, we just had lots and lots of sex." I guess that might explain her rumpled state, but not the glum look on her face. Oh, but wait. Sex with a frat boy. That actually would explain the glum look, too. Willow is making nice until she notices a splotch of blood on Anya's wrist. Anya hurries off. When Willow goes to investigate the frat house, I catch the full view of her outfit. Like the slim red t-shirt, like the black pendant. The brown skirt is okay, but the red tights must go, and although I like the high boots, they appear to be black. Why would anyone wear black boots with a brown skirt? Why would anyone who wasn't dressed up as a ladybug or a she-devil for Halloween wear red tights? These are important questions.

The frat house interior looks a lot like one of the buildings that was frequently used in Season Four. Willow opens the front door. The living room is empty, except for huge smears of blood. There's gore everywhere. Willow steps to a side room and opens the door, presumably viewing the carnage we saw earlier in the episode. Willow looks surprised and queasy, although not as surprised and queasy as I would look had I just opened the door on a room full of bloody corpses that had had their hearts violently ripped out of their chests just hours earlier. I guess after a flaying or two of your own, you get inured to these things. Someone is whimpering over and over, "I take it back I take it back." Willow approaches a closet in the main room and opens the door to find a girl crouched on the floor. She tries to reassure the girl, and then asks what happened. To summarize, the girl was invited by one of the fraternity guys to a party, where he proceeded to dump her in front of everyone else as a sort of on-the-cheap party entertainment. Whatever happened to good clean fun in the form of keg stands and tiki torches? The girl explains that as she cried, all the others laughed at her, so she yelled at them, "I wish you could all feel what it's like to have your hearts ripped out." Uh oh. The forbidden "W" word. Willow reels as she realizes what Anya was doing outside the house. She asks the girl what ripped the hearts out of the meanies. It was a spider, and as Willow asks where it went, we see it climb up the wall behind Willow.

Willow turns as the Thief Of Hearts spider-demon jumps down on her. I guess it's still hungry, since the shriveled heart of your average fraternity guy doesn't make much of a meal. Willow raises up her arms and, saying an incantation, forms a yellow protective bubble around herself. As she holds off the ToH, Willow, all black-eyed, turns to the girl in the closet and snaps, "For God's sake, shut your whimpering mouth!" Poor girl -- she was probably hoping her day wouldn't get any worse. The ToH tries to attack Willow with its heart-eating sucker mouth, but she summons enough magical force to throw it out through a window of the frat house. Looking a little spaced out, Willow turns back to Closet Girl and apologizes for yelling at her.

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