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Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

Wah. Whiny chick rock. Xander strolls down the street to Der Zauber Kasten. Inside, Anya is half-heartedly dusting. Whiny chick rocker wants us to know that "nothing survives." Xander watches Anya a bit through the window and then moves on.

Tara. Willow. In bed. Somewhere that might not be at the Summers home. Possibly Tara's new dorm room? Willow is tapping away on her laptop. She finds something interesting. Blueprints. Tara suggests cross-referencing them with the county clerk's office, but Willow is against that plan because it involves getting out of bed.

A bar -- the Bronze? Bartender pours Xander another shot of something, but absentmindedly splashes his hand. A toothy brunette observes, "You're all wet." Xander quips that "it's a good thing [he's] part fish." Flirty, flirty banter. You know, some people might think to check whether the person coming onto them in a place like the Bronze is jailbait. In Sunnydale, it might be more prudent to check for horns and a soul. If I lived there, I'd put a sign in my bedroom that said, "NO soul? NO service." Might save a lot of heartache. Which reminds me of a game my friend and I used to play. We'd be out shopping and see a sign that could be taken in a more puerile manner than intended, and one of us would whisper to the other, "I want that sign in my bedroom." And then we'd giggle. Because our collective age was about twelve. The top contenders? At the deli: "Ask for a taste! Tasting is encouraged!" By the knockoff Lava Lamps at one of those Gifts That Everyone Looks At But Never Buys stores: "I'm HOT! Please ask for assistance." Anyway. Back to the show. Xander isn't doing so well with the flirting, going into a full rant about Anya. Enter nerds. "All right," observes Warren. "Let's make some noise."

Graveyard. Buffy spars with a vamp. As he's dusted, he gets in one more killer punch. Buffy isn't expecting it, and it knocks her right into a headstone, which breaks from the impact. Ow.

Summers home. Buffy enters the bathroom. Sighing. Moving slowly. Still in pain. She begins to draw a bath. Spike voice-overs from off-screen and, judging by the sound quality, possibly out of state, "Are you hurt? You're not moving so well." He enters and closes the door behind him. Ye gods, he's looking very gaunt! Between him and Buffy, I don't think there's a rounded corner in the place. Could be worse. Spike could look like Angel. Angel: The Bloated Avenger. He'll smother you with his double chin! Buffy tells Spike to get lost. He doesn't. He insists that they have to talk. Buffy, arms folded across her chest, is not amenable to that plan. Spike has come to apologize. "I'm sorry. Not that it matters anymore. But I needed you to know that." Because he cares about her. Buffy points out that if that's the case, he might want to stop sleeping with her friends. Spike explains that he actually went to Der Zauber Kasten to find some sort of spell.

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