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Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

Caves. A demon like the one we saw earlier walks through a shimmery force field on his way to pick up some takeout Chinese or something. Warren and Jonathan emerge from a nearby crevice. Jonathan pads up wearing the skin of the recently electrocuted demon, as only these particular demons can pass through the force field. Warren warns him to be sure that none of his human skin is showing, and slams the demon's face skin over his head. "It's still wet," complains Jonathan. Warren pushes him through the barrier and asides to Andrew, "I wasn't sure that would work." "You think he knows?" asks Andrew. "I don't trust that leprechaun." Warren reminds him to "stay frosty." Jonathan trudges back through the barrier with a box that contains what appear to be mystical Ben Wa balls. Jonathan pulls off the demon head skin and is all gooey-wet underneath. Gross. Apparently these Ben Wa balls, instead of doing whatever the hell it is they normally do (because I certainly wouldn't know), give the bearer strength and invulnerability. Warren grabs his balls and looks like he's enjoying it a leetle too much.

Back from commercial, the demon returns in time for Warren to test out his newfound powers. "Let me try 'em," shrieks Jonathan, and grabs for Warren's balls. But Warren is Miss Priss and won't let anyone mess with his orbs. He promises each of the others "a whirl" just as soon as he's done playing with them himself.

Xander answers his door upon Buffy's knock. They nervously exchange hellos, and Buffy follows him inside. Buffy gets right to the point, whispering, "She loves you. You know that…she was hurting and she did this really stupid thing." "With your boyfriend," snarks Xander. Xander adds that he understands about Anya sleeping with Spike, but he can't grok that Buffy would do such a thing. Way to disrespect not only your ex-girlfriend but yourself there, Captain Hypocrisy. Buffy tells him that he has no idea how difficult a time she's had lately. "Lying to me?" snits Xander. "Being here," grits Buffy. "After I was brought back…" She looks like she's finally gonna release some of that righteous anger I've been looking for, but at Xander's pained reaction, she gets a hold of herself and says, "You have no idea how hard it is just being here." Xander isn't ready to let her off that easily: "You could have told me!" He makes another comment about Spike that communicates his disgust for the whole situation. Buffy is all, "What I do with my personal life is none of your business." I give a little cheer, because while I love Xander and think he is a true friend to Buffy, I also think that sometimes being Xander's friend is a difficult thing. Sigh. I'm so tired of this scene, and there are many, many more difficult ones to get through. To recap. Heh. Xander? Busy with the moral high ground. Throws Spike's past into Buffy's face. Totally has a point. Totally is being kinda jerky. Totally walks out of there.

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