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Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

Spike. On the road, on his motorcycle. He stops to survey Sunnydale and deliver a little expository speech to thin air. "Get nice and comfy, Slayer. I'll be back and when I do, things are gonna change." "And when I do"? I think he meant "and when I am." In a last-ditch attempt by the writers to show that Spike is still evil, he then throws down his ciggie. Get it? Not only is Spike an attempted rapist, but he's also a smoker and he littered. Spike finally rides away. Right into the rising sun, I hope.

Next morning. Willow and Tara are in Willow's bedroom. They make with the innuendo and share one of their awkward kisses. Tara glances out the window and spots Xander, who is walking through the yard towards Buffy. The witches are excited that Xander and Buffy might make up, and Tara says it's "the best part," but of course Xander and Buffy aren't going to make up that way, so I'm not sure why Tara says that. In the garden, Buffy is poking at plants with a stick. She appears to be looking for something, and Xander asks her, "Time for the spring poking already?" Buffy clarifies that she's looking for any more hidden cameras, and tells Xander that, of the "evil trio," only Warren remains at large. Xander says she'll find Warren and that "he won't be much good without his friends." Buffy agrees, and she's obviously talking about the Scooby gang now. She looks at Xander all serious-faced, and then they sit together on a bench.

"How did we get here?" asks Xander. "Scenic route -- long drive," replies Buffy. Xander admits to being hurt that Buffy didn't tell him about Spike, and she apologizes. Xander then admits that Buffy had every right to think he'd be a jerk about it, and he understands why she didn't tell him. They say they've both done things they aren't proud of, and Xander, near tears, admits, "I don't know what I'd do without you and Will." "Let's not find out," replies Buffy, and they hug. Buffy tells him she loves him, and then Xander spots Warren entering the garden. It's a sunny day in the yard; Buffy and Xander are dressed in light colors and Warren, still dressed in black from the night before, cuts a startling and out-of-place figure.

"You think you can do that to me? You think I'd let you get away with that?" shouts Warren. He laughs hysterically and then continues, "Think again!" He then raises his right hand, which contains a gun. See, 'cause Buffy emasculated him earlier, so he's back with a brutally effective phallic symbol to finish the job. Warren fires three shots directly at Buffy and Xander. Buffy shoves Xander to the ground. Warren then fires twice more as he runs out of the yard. A bullet shatters a window in Willow's bedroom. Tara and Willow are still talking; a spray of blood splatters across Willow's white shirt, surprising her. "Your shirt…" says Tara, who has a round spot of blood on her upper left chest. She then collapses to the ground. Willow drops to her knees beside her. In the garden, Xander gets up and brushes himself off. He then sees Buffy lying on her back, breathing heavily. Upstairs, Willow calls Tara's name and turns her face-up. She cries, "Baby, come on," and rocks Tara in her lap. Xander kneels over Buffy, who is bleeding from a wound, also in her upper left chest. Xander presses his hand to the wound. Buffy blinks slowly. Willow sobs, "No, no, no." Then a close-up of Willow's face as her eyes turn blood-red and crackle with light.

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