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Thoroughly Modern Millie

God, how I hate her.

The Bringers have Millie, and one of them approaches with his knife. They ignore Dawn, who leaps up to the open gas jet and uses a sparker to set the gas on fire. A fireball engulfs the Bringers, and Dawn pops up from behind a lab table and calls to Millie, "Get out!" They run. Because it's been a good five minutes since we saw them running up and down the school halls, and we were missing it, right? Then they stop at the top of a staircase for some sort of stupid-ass conversation, rather than, say, running downstairs and smashing out a window, or even calling anyone on the cell phone Dawn should be carrying. So, um, Dawn tells Millie that she's the special one and she should fight the Bringers. "It's something you have to do. It's something you were born to do," says Dawn, handing Millie the flag pole, and Millie's all, "Nuh uh. You're just chicken." Not really, but that would have been amusing. We see that Xander is downstairs. He just stands there, I guess because he has gone off in search of Dawn, to save her from the Bringers, without any weapons. Oh, whatever. I just don't have the heart anymore. The Bringers rush Millie. Then we see that Xander is accompanied by Buffy and Spike, who are also not armed. Oh, and don't ask me how Xander got hold of them, because I just don't know and I don't care.

Everyone fights the Bringers and Vest Vamp, who didn't have the smarts to run away. Dawn helps Millie out by tripping bad guys, Millie dusts Vest Vamp, and Spike 'n' Buffy stab Bringers with their own knives. I'm not sure what Xander does -- it's another one of those strange scenes where he appears and disappears. But don't read anything into that. I'm sure it's just bad blocking. All the baddies are eliminated, and Millie is a little stressed. She goes off on Buffy, complaining that she came by the Summers home for help after being attacked by Vest Vamp and was hit by an orange cloud. So we're supposed to think she was just outside the door when Dawn coincidentally was hit by the cloud on the inside. But we did see Dawn get hit and glow, so I think the writers are leaving their options open for Dawn to be discovered as a Junior Miss in the future. Millie rants about Buffy being into drugs because the cloud made her dizzy. Huh? I think that was a sort of shout-out to her Freaks & Geeks character, but it was a pretty stupid line. Dawn explains to the others that Millie is the potential Slayer located by Willow's spell, and Buffy and Spike look sort of dumbfounded. Millie makes an exasperated face.

Kennedy, Rona, Vi, and, um, the other girl whose name I can't remember sit in the Summers living room with Millie and share tales of the night before. It looks like Xander has fixed the front windows again, as they aren't boarded up in this shot. The girls babble on about the vamp they killed, and then Kennedy turns to Millie and includes her by saying, "So you took one out solo?" The other girls are eager for a description of Millie's adventure. As Millie talks about the charge she got out of the whole thing, Dawn eavesdrops all sad-like from the kitchen doorway. Fuck you, Dawn. Boo hoo. Self-absorbed little sucky-baby. Buffy and Xander come out of the kitchen behind Dawn, and Dawn (sadly, of course, because she isn't destined to die a brutal, violent, early death) explains that she's going to do some research on ways to fight The First. Buffy approves, and invites the Junior Misses down to the basement for training.

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