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Buffy and Giles have managed to lay their hands on crossbows, and on the count of three they rise up to take a shot at the Chumash. The Chumash lean coolly out of the way, hardly pausing in their "shoot lots of arrows but don't try to actually enter the building and overwhelm them with sheer numbers" strategy. At this point Sep would like me to mention that, although the Chumash did use the bow and arrow for about 1,500 years, the spear thrower was by far their weapon of choice.

The gang enters the courtyard outside and springs into action. Xander smashes a clay planter over the head of one Chumash as another drops down from above to chase after Anya and Willow. The girls pick up conveniently placed shovels and beat the warrior about the head and shoulders. One of the Chumash demons finally decides to enter the apartment from an upstairs window (now that the advantage of numbers is lost). Well, what do you expect? The Chumash were never warriors. Although you think they would have taught them basic military strategy in Vengeance Spirit School. The warrior comes downstairs and engages Buffy in hand-to-hand combat. Another jumps in from a ground-floor window and goes after Giles. Woo hoo! Giles gets to kick ass. I love to watch me some Giles fightin'. Alas, Giles seems to be getting worse than he's giving; meanwhile, Spike takes another arrow, and Buffy gets cut as she stabs a warrior in the heart. She observes to Giles that they "don't seem to die," but Giles is occupied with a choke hold and doesn't respond.

Willow and Anya are still shoveling their target to death outside ["Yeah yeah, digging, below the surface -- motif noted." -- Sars]. Xander grabs yet another shovel and lends those bulging biceps to the task. He doesn't notice that he's being followed by one the Chumash spirits, who steals Xander's shovel, eliciting an indignant, "Hey!" Xander gives chase and grapples with the spirit, who throws him through the front door onto the floor and goes for the kill as Xander fends him off.

Enter Angel, who observes the melee for a moment before he leaps over the Melrosean fountain and up to the warrior Willow and Anya are struggling with, efficiently snaps the warrior's spinal cord, and shoves the falling body away, prompting Anya to wonder, "What's he like when he is evil?" A lot more tolerable, Anya. A lot.

Inside, Buffy is still fighting her demon. She has him pinned against a wall, but unbeknownst to her another one is approaching her from behind. Angel observes this from outside and throws a knife, neatly catching the enemy in the chest.

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