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Willow, Xander, and Anya are leaving the Dean's house. Apparently, the Dean didn't take them very seriously, possibly because Anya started the conversation with, "Everyone got [sic] both ears?" As they walk along, Angel appears in front of them. Xander recoils in shock and for the sake of exposition says, "Angel?" Anya: "So this is Angel. He's large and glowery, isn't he?" Xander, always one to jump to conclusions where Angel is concerned, pronounces him evil again. Angel whines, "I'm not evil again. Why does everyone think that? I haven't been evil for a long time." Well, Angel, perhaps it's because you're somewhat of a recidivist in the evil department. Willow explains that Angel is here to protect Buffy, and Angel, reminded of his purpose, tells the group that all of the Chumash weapons are missing from the cultural center. Willow explains that they came to check on the Dean because the demon is after authority figures, and Angel explains that, to a warrior, the authority figure would be the strongest fighter. For the sake of the plot we'll pretend that Giles wouldn't have thought of that and (even more unbelievably) that Angel would have. It dawns on them that the spirit is after Buffy, and Angel says that he'll call Buffy, but first he leans down to break the lock off a chained bicycle. Also, and may seem like an odd thing to notice, but kudos to Nicholas Brendan's acting in this scene. His posture was spot-on for someone who is two toes away from six feet under.

At Fort Giles, Giles himself answers the phone and tells Angel that they're "under siege now, actually." I'm sure a phone call was such a helpful thing in that situation. After getting off the phone, Giles observes that they need a plan. The camera swings over to Spike (well on his way to becoming a pincushion, with two arrows near the heart and one impaling him near the shoulder), who snerks, "Yes, let's talk about it some more." Buffy ignores him, asking Giles where his weapons chest is. ["I want a weapons chest for Xmas!" -- Sep] Giles points her in the right direction and Buffy crawls towards it, but as she's reaching for it she takes an arrow in the arm. Spike becomes quite distraught at this point and starts hopping his chair around and attempting to apologize to avoid taking more arrows. Buffy and Giles ascertain that there are far too many warriors for them to handle alone and they are in dire need of help.

Fortunately, help (if you can call a snide demon, a deathly ill mortal, and an overly liberal Wiccan "help") is on its way as Xander, Anya, and Willow furiously ride stolen bikes across a campus lawn to the strains of climactic music. At the University of Arizona they'd get a ticket for that, sure as shootin'.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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