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Giles and Buffy are in the kitchen prepping for Turkey Day and discussing the events at hand. Giles mentions how common it is for Indian spirits to change into animals. Buffy says that it's uncommon for her to freeze up as she did before correcting Giles with "'Native American.' We don't say 'Indian.'" ["Um, Buffy? My dad was 'Native American' and I can assure you that he didn't give a flying fig if someone referred to him as 'Indian' or whatever. It's actually quite common for most tribes to have their own word. For instance, the Comanche referred to themselves as 'Nerm,' which loosely translated means 'one of the people.' The implication was that you are either Comanche, and thus a person, or not Comanche and therefore not even human. In short, I think that most 'Native Americans' can take care of themselves. I'm just sayin'. Back to you, Ace." -- ] Giles hastily admits that he's behind the times and still has to make an effort not to "refer to you lot as bloody Colonials." Hee. Go Giles! His point is lost on Buffy as she pontificates on how she likes her enemies to be pure evil so she doesn't have to strain herself with a thought or make a moral decision once in a while. Okay, she just said the first part and I extrapolated the rest. Giles reminds Buffy that the spirit warrior has killed innocent people, which in my book usually makes one "evil," but Buffy interrupts him to have a small meltdown about the lack of a ricer. Giles suggests mashing the potatoes with forks "much like the Pilgrims must have," and reminds her about the point he was making. Buffy says that she wants to solve the problem in a "non-slayey" way. Good luck with that, Slayer.

They are interrupted by a knock, and Buffy answers the door to reveal Willow carrying a stack of books as high as her head and a box of peas. Willow enters and puts down the books as Buffy snipes about frozen peas. Willow says that she didn't have time to get fresh peas because she was busy reading about the "Chumash War." Giles interrupts that the Chumash were peaceful. Thank you, Giles. Although Sep already mentioned that ages ago. Willow says that the Chumash were "fluffy kittens" until the Spanish came. Which unfortunately is pretty true. Buffy, still more concerned about the peas, complains that they are going to be mushy. Willow reassures her that they won't be, and Giles turns around and says brightly, "I like mushy peas." Aw. How adorable and very British of him. Buffy inquires further about the Chumash, and Willow lists some of the atrocities they suffered, such as forced labor, imprisonment, et cetera. Sep assures me that this part of the program is historically accurate, and if Willow would like to see that diorama she should come to Mission La Purisma, where there are three. Buffy opines that Hus is redressing the wrongs against his people. The camera angle changes so that we are now viewing this scene from outside the window as Willow suggests that they should be helping Hus. Giles quite rightly points out that they should not be helping him with his "rape, pillage, and murder," and just then we see a coyote, who has been watching through the window, scamper off. Willow and Giles start to argue, with Willow suggesting that they should help "bring the atrocities to light." Who at this point doesn't know that the Indians got a raw deal? As they bicker further (and Giles is winning) the camera zooms in on Buffy getting more and more distressed. Finally, in a very small voice she says, "I have to baste," and runs into the kitchen. Giles leans in closer to Willow and tells her that he believes Buffy may be in personal danger. Willow asks if he is referring to Angel, and Giles is surprised that she knows. Gosh, Giles seems jealous that he isn't the only one that Angel came out to (as it were). They agree that Buffy shouldn't know about Angel, and they exchange more words as Willow suggests that hers is the level head and Giles's "is the one things would roll off of." Another knock on the door interrupts their sniping; this time it's a sick looking Xander, accompanied by Anya, who is supporting him. Giles marvels that Xander "looks like death," while Buffy disappointedly notices that Xander didn't bring rolls. Looks like it's time to hand Buffy that etiquette manual Sep mentioned last week, this time with the "Sympathy" section highlighted.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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