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In his swingin' basement pad, Xander is sitting in his bed, pulling on socks. ["Did you see that chair? I want!" -- Sep] Anya bursts in, demanding to know why he is not digging, since she went to see him at the construction site. He explains that he's attempting to get ready for work but doesn't feel well. Anya feels his forehead, declares him to be "pasty and wet and disgusting," and tells him not to go to work. She recalls the nasty diseases she inflicted as an avenging demon and starts to strip Xander out of his clothes. He tells her to leave because he might be contagious, but she says she'll stay and they can die together, romantically. "You're a strange girlfriend," says Xander, and Anya is shocked (and delighted) by the term "girlfriend." Xander excuses his statement by saying there's a chance he's delirious.

In the formerly-lost Sunnydale mission, we see an eerie green fog rise out of the ground and stream out of the hole Xander fell through.

Dr. Gerhardt is talking on the phone with an unidentified someone, discussing the exciting opportunity that the formerly-lost mission presents. She appears to be in an anthropological museum, and as she talks she begins to put pottery into a glass case. The green fog creeps into the room and surrounds a knapped flint knife. The fog materializes into a hand as the camera pans up to show a Native American man; he grabs the shocked professor and cuts her throat with the knife. That's too bad, because I thought she was kinda cute, in a Nicole Kidman wanna-be way, and I was hoping she'd stick around.

Buffy and Willow duck under police tape and enter the museum. Buffy expresses sadness that Dr. Gerhardt is dead, and Willow notes that the professor's body was missing an ear. Willow begins to suggest possible perpetrators, including witches and ear-harvesting demons, and then admits that she's "off [her] game." Buffy notices that a "early-1800s Chumash knife" is missing from one of the display cases.

We see Buffy later at Giles's, unpacking grocery bags and exclaiming over how crazy the grocery store was. Giles is obviously bored by this domestic tale of woe, and asks Buffy to tell him about the murder. She explains about the knife, and he notes that the Chumash were indigenous to the Sunnydale area. He wonders whether the weapon choice was significant or just convenient, and Buffy thinks it was significant. As they talk, she's frantically organizing the groceries and going through Giles's cupboards, and finally she demands to know if he owns a turkey pan. Giles responds by asking the question every viewer has been thinking: "Tell me again why we're not doing this at your house?" Buffy gives him a lame excuse about him needing to fit into American society and that since he's the "patriarch," he must host the dinner. Giles is not swayed and theorizes that Buffy means to "stick [him] with the clean-up." I think he's onto something there. Buffy quickly changes the topic back to the knife clue and Giles promises to look into the Chumash Indians. As Buffy trots about the kitchen, she suddenly stops and looks like she hears something far away, but she assures Giles that she is fine and leaves to purchase more food. After the door closes, Giles pauses and then asks an unseen someone what he thinks. Angel walks out from the back of Giles's house and says that Buffy sounds good. Angel looks broody and angsty, as usual. He suggests that the murderer is probably the danger he is there to protect Buffy from. Giles remonstrates Angel that it's not his job to watch over Buffy, and Angel reminds him that it's not Giles's job anymore either, but that hasn't stopped him. Giles wants to tell Buffy that Angel is in town, but Angel says he doesn't want to distract her. Ummm, okay, stalker guy. Angel has definite tendencies in that direction, in both his evil and not-evil incarnations. The guys theorize that the murder is connected to the rediscovered mission, and Angel suggests they talk to one Father Gabriel, who is knowledgeable about the history of the area. Angel prepares to follow Buffy, and Giles again tells him that he shouldn't sneak around without telling Buffy. Angel says that he'd forgotten how awful it feels to be outside, looking in at what he can't have.

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