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Another nameless Chumash grabs Angel from behind. Angel, after directing Willow and Anya to help the others, flips him over onto the stone staircase. Ouch. Everyone struggles. Giles gets his head bashed against a wall repeatedly. Buffy picks up the Chumash knife and cuts the warrior with it. This time, to his apparent surprise, it hurts him, and Buffy helpfully explains for the viewers at home that "[his] knife can kill [him]." He morphs into a bear as Spike's eyes bulge. Spike: "A bear. You made a bear!" Buffy: "I didn't mean to." Spike: "Undo it! Undo it!" Ace: "Bwahahahaha!" Everyone struggles some more. The bear knocks Buffy down and is about to finish her off until Xander lobs a potato at him and shouts, "That's for giving me syphilis!" This distracts the bear enough for Buffy to recover and sink the knife deep into his chest. It seems that this was the guy to kill, because he (and the others) fade into green mist. Everyone regroups, except for Angel who fades into the night and heads back to his own show until the next sweeps crossover event. Buffy looks out the window, obviously sensing something. From his position on the floor, Spike inquires as to the outcome of the battle.

Everyone is sitting down to dinner, and even Spike's chair has been pulled up to the table. You'd think that since Buffy was so dead set (as it were) on getting rid of Spike once and for all last week, she would have finished him off by now. Willow is lamenting her transformation into "General Custer" at the first sign of trouble. I'm glad she said something about that so I didn't have to. Giles, who looks quite the worse for wear from his head-pounding, comments that it's completely normal in a violent situation for instinct to take over. Spike interjects, "That's the fun." Xander: "Nobody asked you." Spike: "Oh, lay off. You all had a fine meal. And me? An entire siege. You'd think one of you would bleed a little." Giles congratulates Buffy, but she doesn't think it was the Thanksgiving it should have been. Xander: "I don't know. Kinda seemed right to me. A bunch of anticipation, a big fight and now we're all sleepy." I guess that explains why Xander isn't celebrating with his family. My favorite part of this shot is the Pilgrim centerpiece pierced with an arrow. It's small touches like those that make this such a great show. Giles is thankful that everyone is alive, Xander for his syphilis clearing up, Willow for everyone working together. She mentions that it was "like old times." Since Harmony isn't in this scene, it falls to Xander to incite major plot advances, and he says, "Yeah, especially with Angel being here and everything." Buffy throws him a look. Jump-cut to Buffy-cam as she sees the gang staring at her down the length of the table; Spike's expression in particular is priceless. We fade to black with Xander dubbing in a "whoops."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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