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Out Of My Mind

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Out Of My Mind

Something nasty like playing Twenty Questions with Harmony. For some reason, Spike has saved "Is it bigger than a breadbox" for question 17, when everyone knows that's the first question you ask. After determining that the object in question is not smaller than a breadbox and is, in fact, "a sodding breadbox," they're interrupted by more loud raps on the door. Spike helps Harmony hide in a coffin while Buffy finishes breaking in. "I've got a proposition for you," she bellows. "I've got a proposition for you too. How about knocking?" retorts Spike, launching himself off of the coffin, and gets into Buffy's face. He's soon distracted by the "pretty pieces of paper" that Buffy is waving at him. The deal is that if Spike gets Riley to the hospital in time, she'll hand over the cash. "Oh dear," mocks Spike, "is the enormous hall-monitor sick?" Hee! For those of you who are keeping track of such things, she slaps Spike but doesn't punch him the way she did the other week when it was Dawn's life in danger. Spike wants half of the cash up front, and Buffy theatrically rips the stack of bills in half and, after thrusting a wad of them at Spike, turns on her heel to leave. I've always wondered if stores will take money that's taped back together like that. Harmony pokes her head up and asks, "So? What'd she say about me?" Heh.

GI Jughead enters the fourth floor of Sunnydale General to check with the Doctor to see if Riley has arrived. Would they really be performing this procedure at a civilian hospital? Oh heck, like I even have beliefs to suspend after the entire Initiative plotline. Anyway, there's a knock at the door, and Graham opens it to have a dead guard shoved in his face. Enter Harmony and Spike. Spike tosses Harm the crossbow and says to Doc, "You've got a new patient." Ooh! This could get very interesting.

Spike and Harmony are moving the kidnapped Doctor to another location. The doctor is protesting that the operation is complex, and furthermore he's never performed it before. Spike bluffs an order to Harmony to shoot the butterflies in the doctor's stomach. I'm not sure that's such a good idea. Harmony doesn't strike me as intelligent enough to recognize Spike's ruse. The doctor tries to stall by protesting that the facilities are inadequate, but he's cut short by a crossbow bolt embedding itself in the wall behind him. "Oops," says Harmony ruefully, "The string was slippy."

Willow and Tara are searching for Riley among the blackened ruins of SHS. It's dark. Despite being a member of the Scooby Gang for years now, Willow has somehow neglected to bring a flashlight. But that's okay, because instead she's brought some sort of spell in a bottle which fills the hall with a warm, bright glow. Tara looks concerned because she only taught Willow "tiny, Tinkerbell light." Willow admits that she "tinkered" with the spell. Way to go with your hacker roots there, Will. I can just see her starting a 2600 group for Wiccans.

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