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Out Of My Mind

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Out Of My Mind

So then we're on the set of White Men Can't Jump, and Riley is playing basketball with some buddies of his that we've never seen before. But hey! It's the second black extra of the evening. Maybe Riley is transferring his latent feelings of homosexuality for Forrest onto the new guy. The music in this scene is really jarring, and for a moment I thought the cat had stepped on the remote and switched the channel to TNT again. But no, it's just that wanker they brought in as a composer this season. Riley catches sight of Graham sitting on a bench, and my bad -- we're actually on the set of White Men Can't Act. He gets up to talk to Riley, flanked by Agents Goodman and Brown. Snerk. Any chance that Graham's last name is Young? So Graham tries to convince Riley that he needs to get to the hospital pronto. Riley remains unconvinced, but when Graham assures him that his motives are pure, Riley buckles a little and wants to make sure that they've really got "the fix." Graham says what, because of his deplorable delivery, amounts to, "We got a guy. He's a real doctor and everything." Thanks, GI Jughead. GI Jughead tells Riley that they're "going to him now. [He's] not giving [Riley] a choice." Then splat! Riley punches Graham. Pow! Slam! Riley plays a little basketbrawl (tm Eloquent Pelican) with the agents and runs off.

Just like last season, once the Initiative has screwed everything up, it's time to call in the Slayer. GI Jughead briefs Buffy on the situation in the middle of a crowded building at the University. Graham says that "[Riley is] way stronger than he oughta be and he's feeling no pain. His heart can't take it. We've been at him for weeks about it." Hmm. I bet Graham is referring to a scene in "Buffy vs. Dracula" in which Riley found a mysterious letter in his apartment that upset him. Buffy says that she'll get Riley to the hospital and stalks off.

Buffy and the gang have convened at the magic shop. Xander tries to reassure Buffy about Riley's course of action with a thinly veiled "I have a friend" parable, which makes it pretty obvious that he's alluding to last week's scene in which Riley expressed his doubt that Buffy loves him. Anya mistakenly thinks that Xander is talking about her, and tries to be supportive with her own story of a "friend," but thankfully Buffy gets fed up and sends them to the docks. Willow offers herself and Tara to check out the charred ruins of Sunnydale High, theorizing that Riley might find it "homey" since he's been on the lam there before. Buffy realizes that Riley might find the caves "homey" also, in a "dank unpleasant evil sort of way." Sounds like home to me. Giles pipes up that they "have an associate who knows those caves like the back of his melanin-deprived hand." Buffy isn't in the mood for Spike right now (blasphemer!), partly because he's being a vamp of leisure and "hanging out all day in that moldy crypt. You just know he's doing something nasty."

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