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Out Of My Mind

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Out Of My Mind

Sunnydale General. Buffy rushes through the door, Riley in tow, to find Dawn sitting calmly and waiting. They hug, and Intern Ben comes out to assure Buffy that Joyce is just fine. They confer about Joyce's condition while Dawn plays with the stethoscope Intern Ben gave her, totally feeling up Intern Ben, Buffy, and Riley in the process. This scene was only included to establish that Riley's heart is fucked up.

Riley is buttoning up his shirt while the Doctor is reading him the riot act, trying to get him to check into the hospital because of his, uh, heart problem. My closed captioning isn't helping, and I didn't sign up to recap ER, so we're just going to go with "heart problem," okay? Buffy stands, arms folded, looking pissed. Riley tries to reassure her that he is in good health as Buffy tries to talk some sense into him. Enter Joyce and Dawn. Joyce says that she's through with the tests so they can "take this pincushion home." "Yes!" agrees Riley overenthusiastically, and they file out.

Cut to the Summers' home, where Buffy, Dawn, and Willow are trying to make Joyce comfortable on the couch. Joyce is worried about Riley, but Buffy very sincerely tells her that if Riley isn't worried then they shouldn't be.

Y'know, if I hadn't been watching this show for the last five, oh, episodes I might actually be surprised when the next scene is Buffy pacing in her room, griping about Riley's attitude to Willow and Dawn. Willow thinks his problems are related to the Initiative, and then suggests calling them. Uh, Will? You're the smart one, remember? Is Buffy just going to pick up the phone, dial 411, and ask if the top-secret government project that was shut down last year happened to leave a forwarding number? Dawn actually has a helpful suggestion with, "If they're really spying on you all the time, just say something so you'll know they'll hear you. Like sometimes I write fake things in my diary in case..." Hmm. Interesting. Dawn writes fake things in her diary. Just one more of those things that could be taken as mere little-sister posturing, or could mean something more sinister. Whatever. Wake me when this subplot becomes important. Buffy looks thoughtful and takes off.

Buffy enters wherever it is that Riley is living these days and, finding him gone, picks up his phone. Telltale clicks let Buffy know that the line is tapped, and Buffy tells whoever is listening that "Riley's in trouble. He needs help."

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