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Out Of My Mind

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Out Of My Mind

Buffy and Xander follow Giles into the training room. The moment Buffy steps over the threshold, she's tackled by Riley. Buffy starts to chide him, but she's distracted by the makeover of her training space. Buffy surprises me by revealing that the phrase "thank you" is actually in her vocabulary. Riley starts air-punching near Buffy and tries to get her to go a round with him. "Think you can take me?" and "What's the matter? Afraid of a little competition?" when Buffy ignores him. Oh dear god. Riley has turned into the annoying guy from Marketing. You know the one.

Spike snarks to the TV, "Oh Pacey. You blind idiot! Can't you see she doesn't love you?" Bwa! As long as they're referencing the real world, they should have Willow log onto MBTV and then take Tara and Buffy shopping afterwards. An ominous-sounding knock on the door, but before Spike can answer it, Harmony enters. She's in a tizzy because she is "like totally [Buffy's] arch-nemesis." Snort. As Harmony blathers on, Spike's look becomes more and more predatory. Harmony mentions that she's "desperate." "Desperate, are you?" Penetrating eyes. Husky voice. "Yeah, I'll do anything!" says Harm brightly. "Anything, will you?" Holy hypno-eyes! Wow. At this point I'll do anything, and Harmony annoys the crap out of me. Harmony finally understands what Spike is alluding to and blithely agrees. She then sinks into the chair, pulls out a smoke, and struggles with a child-proof slash idiot-vamp-proof lighter. Spike comments on Harmony's new vice, and she retorts, "I am a villain, Spike. Helloooo." As much as I would like to believe this is a shout-out, I'm not that deluded. Spike plays on Harmony's idiotic notion that she's actually on Buffy's radar and manipulates her into agreeing that she'll have to kill the Slayer. Spike promises to "help with the thinking."

Buffy. Riley. Post-coital. I know that during the past few episodes Riley hasn't been bothering me, but I'm just not ready to accept that he actually has had sex with Buffy. So let's just cut to...

Dawn with two large bowls of "Sugar Bombs" (heh) in front of her while she fills a third so she can get to the prize. Joyce is serving up omelets. On her way to the table, Joyce seems to lose her balance. As the spell that's causing everyone to believe that Dawn's presence is normal wavers, she gives Dawn a puzzled look and asks who she is before collapsing. 911 ensues. Isn't this like the bazillionth time someone has called 911 from the Summers'? Shouldn't someone be keeping track of that?

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