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In the meantime, Buffy has moved up to her room, the better to stare numbly into space. Dawn brings her tea and sits down on the bed; she feels Buffy's forehead and cheek and frets that she's feverish. Buffy stares at Dawn and notes, "I should be taller than you." Then Buffy insists that they have to start making a positive change in their lives. She goes over Dawn's list of misdeeds and declares, "Willow's been doing your chores, hasn't she?" Well, it'd be nice if Willow did something around the house. Dawn insists, "No! It's the fever." The fever's been doing her chores? "It's cooking your brain," she clarifies. Oh. Buffy suddenly grabs Dawn's arm and says they have to deal with these things.

In the hospital, Joyce tells Buffy that she doesn't have a sister. "Say it. It'll help you believe it." Hank watches menacingly from a chair nearby. Buffy hesitantly admits, "I know I didn't grow up with her...the monks, they made her." Hank tells Buffy that her mind is playing tricks on her. Joyce strokes Buffy's cheek as she says that they just want to take Buffy home. Buffy reaches out toward Joyce's face.

Buffy pets Dawn's face and suddenly pulls back. Dawn sniffles, "I'm not even there, am I?" Dawn gets up and says, "It's your ideal reality and I'm not even a part of it." Six years in an institution sounds pretty ideal to me. Shut up, Dawn. Buffy tries to apologize, but Dawn stomps out, saying, "I have to go finish my chores."

Xander and Brad tug the revived demon toward a supporting beam in the basement. They carted that thing across town? Wouldn't it have been easier if Willow had gone with them? Ah, well. Willow pulls on some industrial cleaning gloves while the guys chain the demon against the beam. Xander holds the demon's arm up so that Willow can stab some tongs into it. The spike pops out of the demon's hand, and Willow breaks it off. Yow. She drops the spike into a jar while giving Xander a shopping list for the Magic Box. "Just for the medicinal properties -- no magic!" she insists. There's a rumor going around that Willow's addicted to magic. Let me know if that turns out to be true, would you? (Note to well-intentioned emailers: that was a joke. Because how could someone be addicted to magic? Silly me.) She says she'll meet him at the campus lab. Brad says he'll hang around and keep an eye on the demon. Xander says, "Make sure that's all you're ogling!" Although his lips say, "Make sure that's all you're doing!" Neither of which make a lot of sense in context. "Make sure that's all you're keeping an eye on" is the only thing that works as a response to what Brad said. And that's still kind of weak. Because should he not keep an eye on Dawn and the hallucinating Buffy? I think the best solution would have been to end the scene after Brad's line.

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