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Buffy's in the doctor's office, listening as he describes her illness to her parents. Joyce is now wearing a black cardigan over a white T-shirt, so I guess time is moving along at the same rate in both stories. The doctor, who I sure wish had a name, tells Buffy's parents that "for the last six years [Buffy's] been in an undifferentiated type of schizophrenia." Shouldn't Hank and Joyce already know that? He describes Buffy's delusion, and summarizes the show: Buffy's a superhero, her friends have special powers, they battle evil forces, blah blah blah meta-cakes. Buffy, still confused, starts insisting that Warren is causing this, and calls for Dawn. Hank's a little confused himself, so the doctor describes how Buffy ret-conned Dawn into the picture in order to strengthen her connection to her fantasy. Joyce tells Buffy to listen to the doctor. The doctor notices that Buffy's antagonists have gone from "grand villains" to "three pathetic little men who like playing with toys." Sadly, we cut away before he can also mention that her skills at witty dialogue, characterization, and pacing have also declined noticeably over the years.

Instead, we cut to the "pathetic little men" in question. Warren and Andrew are descending into the basement with big boxes of stuff. Warren chuckles, "That poison has got her drooling like some kind of, um..." Mental patient. Yeah, we get it. Jonathan hurries over and asks where they've been. They were getting supplies and, according to Andrew, "Checking out Buffy on the van's remote surveillance." Warren says that the demon has Buffy "tripping like a Ken Russell film festival." Okay, I liked that one. Jonathan asks what the new supplies are, and Warren replies, "Do you think we're plotting against you?" Well, if he didn't, he sure should now. Warren assures him that it's "just stuff," and that Jonathan will learn all about it "just as soon as [he] stop[s] being all freakazoid." Buffy versus Freakazoid would be cool. Warren turns to the computer and pulls up some diagrams of a vault. Andrew whines, "I still say we're gonna need at least eight other men to pull this off." Heh. Warren mutters, "I never should have let you see that movie," and suddenly Jonathan turns and heads for the door.

Warren jumps up and asks where Jonathan's going. Jonathan sniffs that he needs his own mysterious "stuff." Warren discourages him, saying, "It's just not safe out there alone." He wheedles Jonathan, and insists, "I know you're antsy; we all are, but you see, things are about to pick up!" Is that more meta-commentary on the season thus far? Let it be noted that I do think the guy who plays Warren is very good. Having finished his "buck up, little camper" speech, Warren returns to the computer. Jonathan looks nervous, as well he should. Although if he's so desperate to leave the basement, maybe he should have gone while the other two were out.

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